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If KAT-TUN were a Spy, Shimotsuki Kayoko Illustrates the Members

If KAT-TUN were a spy…I’ll defnitely defect to their organization. XD

4-nin KAT-TUN were illustrated by manga artist, Shimotsuki Kayoko, the artist behind “Joker Game“. “Joker Game” is currently serialized in Weekly Big Comic Spirits and the author decides to make a special illustration for KAT-TUN with the title, “If I were a spy of ‘D’ institution’ “. ‘D ‘institution is a fictional spy organization established in secret by the Japanese army where Kato Jiro (Kamenashi Kazuya) belongs in the movie version of “Joker Game”.

In Shimotsuki’s illustration, the members were depicted in different setting, Kamenashi as a safecracker, Nakamaru Yuichi as a transvestite, Junnosuke Taguchi in a party, and Ueda Tatsuya in prison.

The same illustrations will be published along with an interview of KAT-TUN  for the comics’ released on Jan 27th.

via jnews1 and Oricon

They are all hot in the manga. LOL at Yuichi being the transvestite…XD



  1. SA

    I need this to be a real serialized manga!!
    KAT-TUN as spies…omg yes I’d read that. Those pictures, ugh too perfect.

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