PLAYZONE Bids Farewell to Aoyama Theater

Cheers to the past 3 decades…

Last Jan 22nd, the cast of PLAYZONE lead by Tackey&Tsubasa‘s Imai Tsubasa, Nakayama Yuma, and Yara Tomoyuki among other Johnny’s Jrs, bid farewell to Aoyama Theater. Titled as: “★Sayonara!~Aoyama Theater★ PLAYZONE 30YEARS ★1232 Performance”, PLAYZONE did their final performance and a ceremony was held after the final curtain.

PLAYZONE stage have evolved throughout the years since it started in 1986 with Shonentai as the chairmen until their kouhais succeeded them. PLAYZONE will be celebrating their 30th year next year once Aoyama Theater opens again. The said theater will be closed for repairs by the end of the month, and the place have been considered as a sacred place for  fans. So far, PLAYZONE performed 1232 times and had mobilized 1,730,000 people.

Tsubasa, who is PLAYZONE’s chairman for the past six years, gave a thankful speech. “There’s mixed emotions, I don’t want to be sad and I should not say goodbye either. The theater is packed with history to the extent that we performed 1232 times. Words is not enough but it’s the best treasure to have done it for six years. Thank you.”

Nakayama Yuma also commented, “There were many memories but what I can say is that PLAYZONE is the best!”

Shonentai’s Higahisyama Noriyuki and Katsuhide Uekasa were also present during the final curtain. Higashiyama commented that he found the theater amazing since his youth while Katsuhide said that he had seen the growth of juniors and he’s impressed. TOKIO‘s Yamaguchi Tatsuya also attended final day since he was also part of PLAYZONE before he debuted in TOKIO.

via jnews1, Nikkan Sports, and Sanspo

Image credits : kaysma


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