[Goo] Actors who are bad at acting

Being an actor doesn’t really mean you can act and in Japan, being overpushed by your agency for any reason that doesn’t involve acting is common.

In Johnny’s, most of them are stereotype for being bad actors simply because they are tag as idols. This particular ranking has loads of Johnny’s in Top 10.

Here is Actors who are bad at acting ranking



3) Mokomichi Hayami

4) Kimura Takuya (SMAP)

5) Katori Shingo (SMAP)

6) Ishida Junichi

7) Okura Tadayoshi (Kanjani8)

8) Nishikido Ryo (Kanjani8)

9) Sakurai Sho (Arashi)

10) Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)

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Image : sumomona

ARGH! It’s so unfair for Takuya to be on top spot (among Johnny’s) since we all know that he can act. His dramas wouldn’t rate that much (except for Ando LLoyd) just because he’s KimuTaku but because he can act. I mean, Ando Lloyd is a proof that people don’t watch is dramas just because he is KimuTaku but because they actually love watching him and his projects. As for Shingo, he’s fine enough and he has good projects in the past as an actor. Okay, I know that Okura is so-so as an actor, but he’s being given lots of supporting roles on TV to grow more as an actor. MatsuJun might be overrrated but he has improved and he just needs the right projects. As for Nishikido and Sakurai, they could definitely act!


13 thoughts on “[Goo] Actors who are bad at acting

  1. My thought the issue ia merely about the plot. most drama I had watched, somehow is too imaginative, therefore the actors seems doesn’t have any room to explore. Might be because many of them were influenced by the anime.
    Compare to American or European movies/sitcom, the story’ goes in a real flow, so the viewers feel close to the movies (plot/actor), so that they have a better interpretation on the plot & may grab a take home message from the movies/drama(which for me it is the success factor of a movie/drama).
    IMO, a romance, kissing scene, good-looking actor, Slapstick comedy, luxirious life, or even a daily routine life which created for a drama without attached to its purpose Will bring you a cheap soap opera.
    The worst, ia most of those actor are being employed by numerous agencies, which measure their performance from revenue, rating.
    Encouraging an independent production house which mentored by qualified Japanese actor/actrees, script writer, etc will bring a different perspective of Japanese act/scene.


  2. Somehow,Kazoku game didn’t impress me as a drama because it was dark and depressing. It mostly dealt with School bullying which was too much harsh for me to bear. Sho Sakurai has done decent job if not an impressive one.

    Among Johnny’s,I like Kimutaku and Kame’s acting. Kame should get well written roles(impactful) roles. Some of his earlier works had good stories but his later works were not that good projects thoigh his acting was appreciated.My Ichiban is always kimutaku. I started watching JDoramas because of him.

    More than 50% of Johnny’s can act well. Its general perception that Idols cant act and they are cast only for good looks. I think its unfair. Its same as a beauty queen can’t act. I have observed some of beauty queens and models have great acting talent. But somewhere their looks overshadow their acting skills and they are harshly criticized.

    PS: I haven’t watched all of Johnny’s Idol’s dramas. So I cannot comment on many Idols acting skills.

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  3. I can’t believe this list! What the heck is kimutaku’s name doing there? I watched some of his dramas and his acting skill is superb! All the roles that was given to him was portrayed well, well haters gonna hate…


  4. Seriously, who and where the polling was? KimuTaku, Nishikado, Sho, and Jun in that list? Seriously?? *can’t believe it when i read it, just flashing in my head the drama i love and they are really good playing it.


  5. what the heck is Ryo in that list ….. I agree that Tacchon still have a long way to go but Ryo on that list doesn’t make sense at all for real , he swept drama awards with his performance in Last Friends and his acting in Gomen ne seishun was at least 8/10 , it’s true that bad scripts can affect his performance ( agh just remembering that mess called Papa wa Idol ) so I want to think they saw that particular drama to include him on this ranking … if not, they’re just haters.


    • I’m sure most of the voters are just haters. I also liked Ryo in GnS and Papa was Idol isn’t so bad if they chose a different female lead with more chemistry for him.


  6. …Whaaat is my Sakurai doing on there? I only ever fell in love with him over his acting D:
    And I’m talking abonut the Kazoku Game acting, there definitely wasn’t anything idol-like there!


  7. How could people vote for Ryo-chan?? Arghhhhh!!!! Ryo is one great actor! Have you ever seen him in LAST FRIEND? Gosh… That was still his best roles yet! (for me, anyway) I kinda have feelings that HATERS the one who voted in this, coz they all said the same thing. Johnny’s idols all sucks in acting despite never watched any of their dramas/movies.


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