Oniichan, Gacha Episode 2

I was not planning on making  recaps for Oniichan, Gacha but since I enjoyed episode 1 and I’m also following this drama, I decided to do so. After all, it’s only a 20-minute drama so recapping this won’t take that much time.

Anyway, episode 2 gives us a peek to more dancing and singing, to Miko’s heart who is very much like a fickle-minded woman, and to her oniichan whose surprisingly a reincarnation of someone else.

Here is a quick recap of Oniichan, Gacha : Episode 2





So Miko’s oniichan gacha says no to her request to be her older brother. Miko is half in disblief and half-peeved at the semi-naked creature on her family’s bathtub when the voice of mama brings her back to reality as she thinks on how to hide her reluctant oniichan.





Mako wakes-up from fainting, but she still can’t find her voice so she keeps on pointing at the bathroom door. Mama tries to open to door but Miko tries her best to keep themselves lock by pretending that she’s cleaning the bath. Well, mama won’t be fooled and managed to open the door. The other four in Shizukuishi family gets a welcome of their lives as oniichan stands-up from the tub.

Mama, Mako, Riku, and Kako aren’t shy that instead of shielding their eyes from something unmentionable, they even focus their sight to oniiichan who, thankfully, turns-out to be wearing shorts. Phew. When asks who is he, Miko says, “oniichan”.

Moments later, Miko’s family eat their breakfast as she retells the story of how she got her oniichan. True to their eccentric nature, they accepts Miko’s story, which oniichan found weird. Oniichan is now wearing something that will be worn by high school students, which happens to be clothes of Miko’s papa. Anyway, oniichan asks that while Miko’s story might be believable for the younger kids, he can’t believe that Mako and mama just openly accepts it.

Mako says that Miko’s story is not far from those in manga while mama says that she likes the idea of an oniichan coming-out from a gacha since it’s a dream of every girl to have a wonderful older brother. She wants to use it for her new shojo series and she already has a title, she’ll call it “Oniichan, gacha!”

Miko says that her oniichan doesn’t want to be her oniichan and when they ask him for a reason, even oniichan can’t say why.

At ballet class, Natsuko together with her minions aka shojoz are doing a dance that can’t be in anyway be called ballet. The girls are dancing around while singing praises about their oniichans and one of lyrics involves thanking God for their pure dream. Miko thinks that referring to an oniichan as a dream is an exaggeration. Natsuko says that there’s nothing exaggerated about it and Miko reasons that instead of an oniichan, they sound like they were talking about their boyfriend.

Natsuko says that when she looks at her lackeys, I mean, her oniichans, do a one-hand drive , it makes her heart skips a beat. Miko insists that it definitely sounds like a boyfriend; after all, your heart normally won’t skip for your older brother. Wise kid. Natsuko says that she doesn’t need a boyfriend as long as she has her older brother, a very kid-like answer, and adds something more mature that you break-up with a boyfriend but an oniichan is forever. Get me an oniichan, quickly!

Miko is not yet done with her argument and says that you won’t break-up with a boyfriend if you get married (to him) so Natsuko talks how normal divorce is and Miko says that it’s (you get divorce) because you’re not related. Well, that’s just proves Natsuko’s point that since you’re not related with your boyfriend or husband, it’s not as forever as an older brother. In fairness to Natsuko, she has twisted yet strong family values. haha.





In the end, Natsuko tells Miko that comparing their older brothers to someone as savage like boyfriends means that she has an impure heart. Miko insists on normalcy and Natsuko says that they’re fine with just platonic love. She doesn’t want to be an adult and hopes that she can stay in fairytale world forever. She and Miko should definitely be friends.

While Natsuko daydreams, Yotsuba asks how Miko’s brother turned-out. Natsuko says that it must be Wakki or Tanaka and Miko says that it’s none of them and Miko’s oniichan makes his appearance. Oniichan enters the room, in a gruff manner while he complains on what’s taking Miko so long. Oniichan says an obligatory greeting to the girls and Miko feels proud that she finally has an oniichan to fetch her until Natsuko decides to asks for a favor.

Natsuko brings Miko, her oniichan, and Yotsuba in an open-air garage where her five oniichans came running as if they terribly miss Natsuko. Well, Natsuko doesn’t share their excitement as she’s peeved that it took them too long to arrive. One of her oniichan’s, the one with red scarf so let’s call him “Red” says that she didn’t text them any orders and”Yellow” says that  checking-up on her might be unnecesary meddling. When Natsuko asks if they don’t have any free will, “Green” says that if she makes a contract with them then that’s the only time they will have one.

Natsuko says if that’s the reason then how about Miko’s oniichan? Her oniichan agrees that he’s not worried or anything about Miko and that he was hungry (so he picked-up Miko?) and also Miko’s mama asked him to do some grocery shopping. “Pink” says that Miko’s oniichan did something unauthorized so “Blue” concludes that he must a C or D-rank oniichan.

Natsuko says that  because he (Miko’s oniichan) is so full of himself that’s why he’s a low-level oniichan. XD. Natsuko’s way of saying about his level pisses Miko’s oniichan and just for clarification, Natsuko wants him to strip so they can see what rank he is. As it happens, all oniichan gachas have their ranks stamped on their bodies and as an example, Natsuko’s oniichans make a production number, removes their top, and reveals an “A” stamp on their deltoids.

True to his “full of himself” attitude, Miko’s oniichan refuse to strip, citing that there’s no way he’ll strip since he’s surely gonna catch colds. He walks away with Miko following him.





At Miko’s household, the family is having a welcome party for oniichan. Oniichan finds it weird how the family easily accepted him and mama says that it’s thanks to him that she has a new series. Mako is also thankful because she was able to make her oniichan figurine because of him. Kako asks him what he’s name is and Miko says that he doesn’t have one until they make a contract. So Mako suggests of calling him something and thought of “Toi” (Toy=gacha), the younger ones find it cute and mama decided that oniichan will be Toi from now on.

Miko doesn’t agree with this since she’s the one who got Toi from the gacha machine, and he’s her oniichan; Toi says that he hasn’t agreed to be her oniichan and Miko threatens him that she’ll return him. Toi is fine whichever and Miko says other oniichans would desperately appeal to get a contract. Mako says she doesn’t like those desparate ones and mama agrees because she thinks that those oniichans would change once the contract is done. Toi tells Miko that she doesn’t really understand guys at all and mama says that it’s fine for them to get to know each other since they can’t even understand each other as a family. LOL, so this oniichan thing is like courting a girl.





Miko is still pissed that a lot is decided without her permission and unlike Toi’s treatment toward her, he’s nice to everyone else. Toi helps Mako with her homework, he also plays with Riku that the younger one treats him as a master, he was able to stop Kako from doodling on the floor, and he also models for mama for her “oniichan, gacha” series. While Toi helps mama, he asks about papa, which I presume dead. haha. Well, Shizukuishi papa isn’t dead but he’d gone traveling to fulfill his ambition. Toi asks why mama allowed him to go and mama says that what love is. Rio smiles as she listened to mama’s declaration of love for her father, sje enters the room with a tea-tray and was surprised to see a letter “S” stamp on Toi’s back.





That night, Toi is having a troublesome headache as recollections of his past keeps popping on his head. To add more to his headache, he sees Miko sulking and in tears, but he chose to keep quiet and this irks Miko more. Miko asks why is he not asking her, “what’s wrong?” like a concerned big brother; Toi says that it’s too troublesome and Miko says that he’s nice to everyone else except to her. She can’t understand why he’s being cold to her even though he’s “S” rank. Toi says that it must be because Miko is an “M” (masochist), haha. If Miko is “M”, Miko says that Toi’s “S” is for Sadist. Geez, why does a kid knows about S&M?





Completely irritated, Miko drags Toi back to the gaming center where Yotsuba sees them. Miko says that she’s returning Toi and she’d rather have Tanaka or Wakki. Rei asks if she’s sure about returning him back since he managed to get a hit with only 500 medals, Miko says that he’s not a hit, even though he’s S-rank, his S stands for sadistic. Professor Uraba is surprise that Miko got an S-rank and Yotsuba thought all along that the said rank is merely an urban legend. Professor Uraba checks Toi’s back and confirms that he’s indeed S-rank and Toi is having a headache because S-rank’s have memories of their previous life. Professor Uraba adds that S-rank are made from the soul of someone who died young because of an accident or an illness.

Natsuko arrives and she probably heard the entire convo on her way down because she tells Miko that if she doesn’t want Toi then she’ll take him. Professor Uraba says that they can’t do that since Toi is still on provisional contract with Miko and Natsuko hopefully asks Miko if she doesn’t need him anymore. Miko pretends to think about it and says that she’ll probably keep him. Natsuko asks why when she doesn’t even like him and Yotsuba chimes in that it must be because it’s such a waste of an “S” to let go of him.

Anyway, now that Natsuko knows that S-rank’s do exist, she decides to spin 10 times while her oniichans do a dance number with lyrics asking what’s so special with S-rank’s anyway? haha. Miko says that they should not be bothered since Toi’s a Do-S, which is super sadist. haha.





Well, Miko thinks about it for a while and even though Toi is a Do-S, he does have redeeming qualities like helping Mako, Riku, Kako, and even mama. Miko tells Toi that she wouldn’t return him as long as he’s nice to her but Toi doesn’t feel like doing it and tells Miko that he’ll find a good oniichan for her. He tells Miko that he can tell which one is a hit as Natsuko takes one gacha and another. After a string of Wakki’s and Tanaka’s, he tells Miko when the next one is most likely a hit.





Miko asks Natsuko if she can spin just once and Natsuko allows her because she’s tired. Miko gets her gacha, submerge it in the water, waits the entire night, and the next day, she’s relieved to find not a Wakki or a Tanaka. Miko and Toi greets Miko’s new oniichan, a bubbly and energetic guy.


I don’t like the new oniichan. haha. I know that I shouldn’t comment about him yet since the next episode will be about him but there’s something in that wild grin of his that ticks me off. XD. Anyway, I like how Miko’s family accepted Toi, just like that, without any drama and over-the-top shock expressions. I guess having an eccentric family has its merits.

Toi isn’t easily likeable since he comes off a bit of a smug and her treatment to Miko is really questionable. Okay, I also wouldn’t like him if he became like Natsuko’s oniichan who sing, dance, and crave for her approval, but it’s also weird that Toi has this unknown distaste to Miko when they’ve just met and speaking like a mother, Miko did bring him into this world.

Miko is still adorable but just like Rei’s words, “a woman’s heart”, Miko has the qualities of a woman who is in dating age. You know, she hates it that Toi doesn’t pay her any attention but she also doesn’t like that he will go to Natsuko because in her eyes, Natsuko is a competition. haha. Miko argues  with Natsuko how she and the shojos treat their brothers like they are boyfriends but Miko is acting like a girlfriend. haha. Speaking of shojos, they need more acting lessons, well, they are still young. In spirit of equality, Natsuko’s oniichans need more practice to be in sync with their dances.

All in all, episode 2 is simply breezy and I’m more interested about Toi’s past since I’m thinking that the other kid in his dreams is Rei. That would certainly makes this story more interesting. Aside from that, Miko’s quest for a kind oniichan starts next episode and I can’t wait to see every Johnny’s Jr. who will vie for Miko’s heart.

Usual credits apply. 


5 thoughts on “Oniichan, Gacha Episode 2

  1. Thank you for the recap! Now i need to watch it! Since Matsukura Kaito is also one of my fave Johnny’s Jr. And omg Suzuki Rio is such a cutie pie!! And Kishi Yuta definitely can act and he could be the next Ikuta Toma in Johnny’s tho. Arghh i need to watch it now thanks again for the recap!!

    That S&M parts is quite funny!! XD


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