Aiba Masaki to have his “Getsu 9” Debut

Another Johnny gets a “Getsu 9” drama and lots of eyebrows will surely be raised since this drama is based from Ikeido Jun’s novel aka the writer of “Hanzawa Naoki”.

Arashi‘s Aiba Masaki is set to star in Fuji TV drama this April, titled : “Youkoso, Waga Ie e” (Welcome to my home). The drama will be Aiba’s debut in “Getsu 9” timeslot, he’s the third Arashi member to do so after Matsumoto Jun and Ohno Satoshi. Based from the original novel of Ikeido Jun (Hanzawa Naoki, Roosevelt Game), “Youkoso, Waga Ie e” is a suspense drama about Kurata Kenta (Aiba), a commercial designer who became a target of stalker after warning a man from jumping queue at train station.

Aiba’s last drama was also with Fuji TV with “Last Hope“(2013). Aiba mentioned that he’s familiar with Getsu 9 since childhood and he’s very surprised and honored to be allowed to participate in a suspense home drama. He also mentioned that he got goosebumps and his heart was racing just from reading the script.

Completing the Kurata family, are: Terao Akira (father), Minami Kaho (mother), and Arimura Kasumi ( younger sister). All members of the family will have to confront the fear from relentless harassment of an unknown stalker.

Ikeido’s novels has sold 500,000 to date and his other works were made into hit dramas starting with “Hanzawa Naoki”, “Roosevelt Game”, and “Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai”. “Youkoso, Waga Ie e” will be his first work under Fuji TV.

Youkoso, Waga Ie e” will air this April at Fuji TV.

via jnews1Daily Sports and Sponichi Annex


4 thoughts on “Aiba Masaki to have his “Getsu 9” Debut

  1. not at all, rooservelt game is really good but rating is not, it depend many thing and I feeling this drama is not good

    go back, I have right feeling about nube, gomenne seishun , Nino’s drama XD ( I cant remember the name cause I dont Japanese)


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