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Fuji TV President Denies Quarrel with Johnny’s

Fuji TV president Chihiro Kameyama denies that the network had a quarrel with Johnny’s. The network had broadcast Johnny’s Countdown (JCD) since 1998 and it was absent last year. Kameyama mentioned the issue during a regular interview at Metropolitan Tokyo last Jan 30th.

Kameyama clarifies that it was a mutual decision not to broadcast the 2014 Johnny’s Countdown. It was not a “farewell fight” as many have speculated. As to whether JCD will be broadcast in the future, it was not yet decided.

Instead of the annual JCD, Fuji TV broadcasted a special on “Tsukitai” last year. Meanwhile, Johnny’s Countdown was merged with Masahiko Kondo’s 35th anniversary.

via Yahoo!Zasshi

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