Sanada Yuma Plays a German Scion in his First Stage Play

More juniors having their chance at limelight.

Johnny’s Jr. Sanada Yuma is set to star in his first stage play, titled: “TABU taboo” that will kick-off this June.

Based from Ferdinand Von Schirach original, “TABU taboo” tells the story of German scion named Sebastian von Eschburg who was arrested on suspicions of kidnapping and killing a young woman, and whether he is guilty or innocent remains a mystery.

Sanada will play the role of Sebastian from a prominent German family. He’s also an artist where he used his photographs to show that reality and truth are two different things. When he was arrested for kidnapping and murder, lawyer Konrad Biegler takes on his case. 

Movie director Fukasaku Kenta will be directing “TABU” as his first stage play. He says that Sanada possesed the purity and manly qualities of the hero that makes him the right choice for the role. “I think it’s my mission to persevere now that I’ve received this role,” Sanada commented with enthusiasm. Sanada is one-half of the junior group “noon boyz”,

Also starring in the play is former takarazuka star, Hashizume Isao.

TABU taboo” will run from June 5th to 14th at New National Theater in Tokyo and in Hyogo Performing Arts Center from June 26th to 28th.

via jnews1 and Nikkan Sports

Image credit : chiitsunen


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