Does Yamapi have an Instagram?

There’s not much news about Yamapi lately, so this piece of gossip is certainly juicy.

After Yamashita Tomohisa aka Yamapi‘s “cellphone-theft” incident October of last year where he was rumored to have been placed in a period of penitence, well, he’s back with his partying ways. Rumor has it that he opened a private instagram account (@ystm9). The said account now looks inactive, which was discovered after model and great-grandchild of Ernest Hemingway, Dree Hemingway, posted a photo of her and Yamapi in her instagram (@dreelouise) where she tag Yamapi’s account. It’s not just Yamapi’s photo with Dree Hemingway that caused ripples among fans, but Yamapi also has photos with other foreign models. Aside from agency-controlled Jweb, other social networking sites in Johnny’s is a definite no-no.

(c)itumonikoniko49 | 2009 photo (thanks @moonlovers)

Anyway, Yamapi’s fans are reportedly disappointed that Yamapi “never learned” from his mistakes. Yamapi’s activities have dwindled after his “cellphone-theft” case that ended with an out of court settlement. Even though he still went on with his radio program (Cross Space) and TV show (Otona no KISS Eigo), he wasn’t really that active. The last event he attended was on Dec 20th when he had a Christmas party with 200 of his fans who won the lottery from his “YOU” album.

Despite Yamapi’s absence from TV lately, rumor has it that he’s next project is already in the works with a TBS drama set to air this April. Yamapi was seen filming with Masataka Kubota, Maeda Goki, etc. at Tokyo. Johnny’s Jr. Yasui Kentaro is also rumored to join him for this drama.

Well, let’s wait and see if this drama rumor is true!

via Cyzo and itumonikoniko49 

There’s nothing really scandalous at the picture, they might have met in a party and SNAP! No big deal. Some fans are just jealous. XD. Yamapi has been a party boy for as long as I can remember, that’s how he, Jin, and Ryo bond and there’s nothing really wrong with that. This article makes it seem like Yamapi should avoid partying after that case, which I think is wrong since he’s only human. If I didn’t know better, this piece is a promotion for his upcoming drama, assuming that the drama rumor at the end is true. Well, I definitely want it to be true!


16 thoughts on “Does Yamapi have an Instagram?

  1. Soudesuka..i dont know why i am so crazy about yamaki…
    hope maki chan will found better guy..maybe a doctor toka…a young professor toka….she really suite to someone who are genious.
    honestly i dont think that yamapi had feeling to maki chan….i think dat yamapi more interested to gakki..keiko kitagawa..erika toda….


  2. If only he hadn’t been tagged. I’m sure Johnny’s want the social media experience too. If only they’d let them have official ones, it’d be a great promotion tool as well.


  3. Everyone has a own private life and he can’t blame for this. Maybe, to relaunch his career, a good movie or drama with a funny, deep love story with Horikita Maki could be positive for him. I’m not Japanese, but this couple has a great impact on the screen. Internet confirms this.


  4. I heard Yamapi have many famous friends, they are non johnnys too and this is not first time his friends shared their private photo. I remember jaejoong did several times.
    Well, the unfortunate was Hemingway tagged him.

    how about Johnny have SNS?world will more interesting XD


  5. Party and meeting girls is not crime. He’s adult enough. And the leak of his privat IG was not his fault. Why she tagged him in the first place?She is also a famous model and people sure will suspicious. I believe not only him who have privat account, most Johnny probably have them too. They were once talked about their LINE??
    Similar with the phone case last year,which I think not entire his fault but he took blame and responsible all alone. I feel bad for him and I’m not even a fan.


    • Dree might be a model but it’s not a big deal in the US if they are photograph with guys unless they are in an intimate moments, IG is such an extension for them to brag and stuff. About LINE, I think LINE is allowed since it’s not really considered SNS but just a messaging/calling app


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