Oniichan, Gacha Episode 3

The cuteness continues with this episode of “Oniichan, Gacha” as Miko starts her search for the perfect big brother since Toi don’t want to take on the task. Aside from that, expect more singing and dancing from oniichanz and shojoz, which I think is the major source of Toi’s unending headache.

Here is a quick recap of Oniicha, Gacha: Episode 3





The latest Gacha products turns-out to be so much of a girl than a guy. While Miko finds his carefree attitude sweet, the rest of her family isn’t so keen with their newest family member. Aside from the fact that they are contended with Toi, another oniichan also means another 1000 Medals each week to keep her new oniichan.





Toi says that he’s no longer an oniichan candidate and merely Miko’s adviser until she finds a new one. Miko also adds Toi doesn’t want to be her brother so she’s looking for a new one. Mama finds that attitude of Miko unaaceptable so she tells her that instead of looking for a new brother, shouldn’t she be working hard to make Toi agree to be her brother. Miko doesn’t see her points and says that she wants to find a new brother quick that Mako interjects that kids are so simple-minded if anyone will do as their brother. Miko is fine with anyone and Mako says that anyone won’t do since that person will be part of the family. The younger two also agrees with her and Toi has to stop them from complaining.

He directs them to look at the new oniichan who’s enjoying his meal and smiles sweetly to everyone. He says that he fell in love at first sight with everyone and he can’t wait to be part of the family. When the new oniichan said it like that, Mama and the kids kinda soften toward him and when asks what his name would be, Miko says that she’ll call him Niko because he’s always smiling (niko-niko) and everyone goes “niko-niko”. I’m the one whose not smiling.





At Miko’s ballet class, Natsuko leads yet another dance number while Miko and Yotsuba runs at the sidelines to make it look like they are also dancing. After the dance session, Yotsuba asks Natsuko about the 10 gachas she got last time, Natsuko says that she got one C-rank but the rest were all Wakki’s and Tanaka’s. Yotsuba asks her why won’t she decide already among her five oniichans and Natsuko reason’s-out that she could have chosen among them if it wasn’t for Miko who got one S-rank.





Miko says that Toi doesn’t want to be her oniichan and Natsuko finds that S-rank attitude so endearing. Speaking of the S-rank, Toi arrives together with Niko at the ballet class. Even the shojoz were enamored with Niko’s smile and when Natsuko asks what rank he is, Niko slides his sweater down, which reveals his “S” stamp. While everyone goes “niko-niko”, Natsuko faints from disbelief.





After Natsuko recovers, she spent the rest of her time getting one gacha to another while her oniichanz do a dance number. That is until Natsuko threatens to purge all of them ,which lead them to cheer for her than beg for a contract. Professor Uraba and Rei looks on and they can’t believe that Miko got another S-rank. However, Professor couldn’t care less what Miko gets as long as Natsuko is pissed enough to put on more medals to get her dream S-rank oniichan. Basically gacha is like a slot machine where you can get addicted.





Along the rolling hills, Miko and Niko carries groceries while Toi follows them. Niko takes Miko’s groceries for him to carry and Miko is surprise that even though Niko is S-rank, he agreed to ber her oniichan. Niko says that the “S” in his rank stands for smile in contrast to Toi’s “sadist”. haha. Toi tells her to just hurry-up and purge her and Miko says that she’ll definitely do it but she needs a permission first from the rest of the family.





At the Game Center, Rei drinks a certain medicine and helps two girls to get their prizes from the UFO machine that I assume to be rigged. The girls compliments Rei for being kind and asks him to be their oniichan; however, Rei says that he can’t do that because it’s his destiny to never leave the place. Why?! Somewhere else in the Game Center, Toi plays the drums with gusto as he tries to recall his lost memories.





Back home, Niko fulfill his oniichan duties by helping with household chores. Mako is impress how good his cooking smells but when she tasted it, she throws up. Afterward, Niko plays sword fight with Riku, which leaves Riku disappointed when Niko wasn’t able to stop his attack. Then Niko has to eat Kako’s pudding and to top it all, he spilled ink on mama’s manga. This is S-rank?





While Niko commits one blunder to another, Toi is tired from pretending to play  drums, he gives-up saying that he can’t remember anything at all. He brings-out his medicine, the same medicine that Rei drank earlier, and Rei came in just in time to see the meds. Rei asks about it and Toi says that it’s for his headaches. Rei understands and says lost memories of S-rank’s might trouble them a bit in the course of headaches.

Back home, Niko must have received tongue-lashing from the entire family and Miko has to defend him by saying that he’s true abilities might not have woken-up yet. Toi listens on and asks Niko if he did cook that burgersteak because it’s definitely a waste of ingredients. Niko defends himself that it’s more like waste of effort because he doesn’t know what he must do and what he shouldn’t do. Miko further defends him and says that he did everything out of kindness only to be misunderstood by her family, like he ate that pudding so Kako won’t get any cavities and such. Duh.

Miko says that she’ll be on Niko’s side no matter what and Toi says that it’s not good enough since Miko needs her family’s approval for the contract. So he tells Miko that he’ll help her to make the family agree on Niko.





At the place where the ballet lesson is usually held, the oniichans are singing their frustrations as Natsuko is still hell-bent on having a S-rank oniichan. Toi arrives and asks the oniichans if they want to show Natsuko that being A-rank is better than S-rank then they should help him with his plan. In that way, Natsuko will stop preening for a S-rank oniichan.





The next day, a contest between Niko (S-rank) vs Oniichanz (A-rank’s) goes underway at the Gaming Center. It’s quite unfair if you think how this is 5 against 1. The contest starts and we can see that Niko is inferior for someone who is S-rank. Natsuko’s oniichans win one game after the other and before the last game where Niko lost again, he’s S-stamp turns to “B”.

Everyone was surprise and Toi defends Niko’s deception by saying that he really wants to be part of the family so he did it. Toi guesses that Niko must have come from a huge family so he wants to be part of Miko’s family. He might also be clumsy and eats a kid’s pudding but that must be just out of his excitement to finally get siblings. Miko’s family heart’s soften by Niko’s sob story that they rushed to him saying that they forgive him. However, Miko didn’t share her family’s forgiving nature.





Final game is on and as expected, Niko lost.  Natsuko and her oniichans leave for a celebration and as Niko laments his lost, mama, Mako, Riku, and Kako consoles him. Rei compliments Toi by saying that what he did was such a clever way for Niko to gain approval of Miko’s family; however, he must have forgotten one important thing, and that is Miko. Toi looks over Miko and she’s on verge of tears, not because Niko lost, but if there’s one thing she can’t forgive, it’s lying.





In the end, Niko gets purge. haha. Rei says that girls who gets gacha expects more from their oniichans than their lovers. Looks true. Speaking of lovers, Miko gets another gacha since a cure for a broken heart is a new love.





Tomorrow comes and Miko and Toi finds a new oniichan, an energetic one who tries to emulate Yankumi (Gokusen) with her justice ideals.


Waah…Fukka! I’ve been waiting for Fukka’s episode that I just want this 2nd episode to be over. Niko is such a pain in the neck, I find his smiles unnerving and fake, he speaks as if he’s always talking to a pre-schooler, and he’s personality is just so grrr…I don’t want to get personal here but he’s the least likeable oniichan so far. He really deserved to be purged.haha.

One of the flaws of this drama is that it’s episodic, which means a new oniichan candidate in every episode and the writer will be forced to think of interesting, yet not needed characters just to keep this going.

If I find Niko’s smiles fake then Toi’s smile looks forced that makes him look smug. I guess he fits the reluctant oniichan character but he still lacks that chemistry with Miko. I guess their “slowly developing” relationship will take shape by next episode. Miko and Toi aside, I have this feeling that Rei is also an oniichan gacha and Toi could have been his brother in past life. Well, that’s just my assumption though it’s fairly obvious. Just like the twins in this episode, I want Rei as an older brother because it’s so impossible to have that nice for an oniichan.

Also, the oniichanz are getting better with their production number while the shojoz should just stick to dancing. All in all, there’s not much development in the third episode and while I’m not yet bored, I hope that the next oniichans will be more interesting.

Usual credit applies. 


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