Oniichan, Gacha Episode 4

It’s Mis Snow Man’s Fukazawa Tatsuya aka Fukka’s episode and I’m dancing like the shojoz. I like Fukka since Bad Boys J so it’s nice to see him again. Anyway, we continue with Miko’s search for her perfect oniichan and in this episode, we see our heroine changing her preference each time while Toi soften towards her.

Here is a quick recap of Oniichan, Gacha : Episode 4





The family has a new oniichan and his boundless energy starts from making runs around the area together with Miko’s family. Aside from wearing a suit, the new oniichan always carries a Law book with him. Speaking of Law, Toi asks Miko what he would name his new oniichan and the new oniichan answers that Seiji (justice) is the right name for him. In short, he just named himself. XD





After the tiring exercise, only Seiji is left with enough energy to have his meal. Mako feels irritated and tired, she says that it’s only Miko whose eager for an oniichan. Miko reasons-out that Riku and Kako also wants an older brother, the younger two agrees but adds that they’re fine with Niko. Miko says that Niko lied so he got purged and mama tells her that everyone makes mistakes.

Overhearing their conversation, Seiji stands-up and sides with Miko. He says that lying is not good no matter how small it is since it might break the trust within the family. He tells Miko that he will never betray her and she feels assured with his words. To add more drama to his speech, he announces that he’s willing to die for the sake of her younger sister. Seiji’s statement makes Miko swoon and soon enough, mama, Mako, Riku, and Kako are Team Seiji just the same.





At the ballet class, Natsuko , the shojoz, and her oniichanz decides to do a joint production number. I think it’s their best performance so far. After their “Mori no Kuma” performance, the oniichanz are back with their song about having Natsuko choose among them. Well, Natsuko’s answer was cut because she’s interested on Miko’s new oniichan, and speaking of new oniichan, Seiji arrives with Toi.





Seiji’s makes his energetic entrance and Natsuko’s first question is about his rank. Seiji proudly shows his palm, revealing his “C” rank. Natsuko and the oniichanz laugh about his low rank and Seiji asks on a brusque manner on what’s wrong in being C-rank. The “C” in his rank stands for
“shii” in “ureshii” which means happiness for her little sister. Looking at Seiji’s leveled stare, the oniichans back down and says that there’s really nothing wrong with it.





Natsuko asks why are her oniichanz look defeated and Toi sides with Seiji, he says that rather than their ranking, it should be more about compatibility. Yotsuba agrees with Toi and says that if you like your oniichan then it doesn’t matter what other thinks. This irks Natsuko and says that you like your oniichan because it makes other people envious on how cool they are. She also adds that it’s like your boyfriend’s, you like them for their looks, salary, and education; all of those matters. Err, this is coming from someone who was so detested of comparing her oniichanz to boyfriends (cue on episode 1).

Yotsuba says that she doesn’t plan on choosing her boyfriend based on Natsuko’s standards, wise girl, and Natsuko says that it’s just the difference in thinking. Miko chimes in and says that she’s in the middle, having looks and compatibility is all good for her. Natsuko thinks that it was half-hearted of Miko that’s why she can’t choose an oniichan and Miko tells her that she doesn’t want to hear that from someone who hasn’t chosen among her five brothers. Seiji tells them to stop fighting and advises them to just look for someone they could be happy with.





At the Gaming Center, Yotsuba (finally!) wants an oniichan but she’s still hesitating whether to get one from the gacha. Professor Uraba and Rei arrives and asks her if she wants an oniichan. Yotsuba says that she doesn’t want one, then stomps her feet before leaving. However, this magical world is not without yankees that Yotsuba finds herself fighting for her wallet.





Back home, Seiji is fulfilling his oniichan responsibilities by being overzealous with everything. He starts by scrubbing every tile that Kako doodles on; on Riku, he gives him a wooden sword (the likes they used on kendo) to practice on instead of his plastic one; he measures Mako’s skirt and tells her that it’s too short and her underwear will show. haha. He also thinks that Mako’s posture is bad so he did some back stretching for her. Of course, there’s also the obligatory posing for mama’s manga. I just realized, is mama doing BL because the oniichans are always topless when she draws them? Anyway, Seiji has the gall to tell mama how irresponsible papa is for leaving his family.





While Seiji fulfill his duties, Miko and Toi are outside having a sweet moment of their own. haha. Miko tells Toi that she’s not sure anymore on what she likes for a brother. It’s like what Yotsuba have said, if you like him (oniichan), then you’ll like him together with his flaws. Toi asks if it’s fine even if he’s not perfect and Miko says that she’s not perfect either, then she asks Toi what kind of oniichan would probably suit her. Toi says that Seiji isn’t a bad candidate, she should not worry about him being a C-rank and just like what he said earlier, his C is the “shii” in “ureshii” (happiness). Afterward, the two find happiness together by playing with bubbles.





Back at the Gaming Center, the yankees find themselves richer as they managed to get Natsuko’s wallet. The oniichanz could have shown her some moves but the yankees have called for back-up, so Natsuko decides to give in. She reasons that she doesn’t like violence, something that the oniichanz are thankful for because they weren’t able to do anything when the extended yankees arrive.





At home, mama, Mako, Kako, and Riku find themselves unable to eat after spending a day listening to Seiji’s lectures. After they left, Toi asks if he did something, Seiji says that he only did the right thing and Miko finds the emptiness awkward. Seiji defends himself and says that they’ll eventually understand and Toi really hopes so.





Later on, the yankees has another victim and thatis Riku. He is crying and says that he’s wallet with 100 medal got stolen. Mama consoles Riku by saying that she’ll just give him 500 medals. However, Riku wants his wallet not for the 100 medals but because it was given by papa. Hearing this, Seiji stood-up and says that stealing is unforgivable, and as the eldest son of the family, he will get it back. Seiji’s fearless announcement makes mama, Riku, and Kako swoon with admiration. Seiji leaves with his huge law book and Miko followed suit.





At the Gaming Center, Toi arrives looking for Miko and Seiji, Rei says that he hasn’t seen the two and Toi tells him about the yankees who have been stealing kids’s wallets. Speaking of yankees, Yotsuba fearlessly confronts them and asks to have her wallet returned, she couldn’t care less about the money but she wants her wallet back. Coming to her aid are Rei and Toi who decided that the only way they could get back the wallet is through other non-diplomatic means.

Elsewhere, Seiji stops a patrol car and asks for the police’s help regarding his little brother’s wallet. Miko arrives where she thought that Seiji would be looking for the delinquents instead of asking for the police’s help. Seiji says that he doesn’t want violence and asks if Miko would want a savage brother, Miko says that she doesn’t want a savage brother either but something felt wrong. Anyway, the police asks on how much was stolen and Seiji says that its 100 medals. The police obviously don’t see the importance of the stolen 100 medals and when Seiji starts acting big, Miko embarrassingly pulls him away.





Back at the Gaming Center, a complete ruckus is happening between Toi and Rei versus the yankees. Professor Uraba is aghast by the situation of his Gaming Center but thankfully, Toi and Rei managed to get the wallets. Rei returns Yotsuba’s wallet and confirms his assumption that Yotsuba already has an oniichan. Well, she used to have an oniichan but he died early because of an accident. She brings out her brother’s picture and says that sometimes she gets jealous of other girls and starts wanting her own brother. However, it makes her feel cruel for wanting one when she used to have one. Rei tells her that it’s not cruel at all, and when he wraps his jacket around Yotsuba, she removes it and says that Rei shouldn’t be kind to her. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? haha





Back at the rolling hills, Seiji is disappointed that the police in the town are useless, he tells Miko that they should hire a lawyer but Miko says that hiring one is too much over 100 medals. Toi arrives and gives Miko Riku’s wallet. Miko notices that he’s all bruised-up so he says that he only happened to pick-up the wallet somewhere. Miko knows that he’s lying and wants him to get treated at the hospital, but Toi declines the offer. Seiji chimes in and says that going to the hospital is a big deal over 100 medals. Miko didn’t agree or disagree but says that while she hates violent people, she’s thankful for what Toi did. Of course, Toi has too much pride to agree that he got beat-up and insists that he just picked-up the wallet.





Anyway, Miko looks at Seiji and says that she’s sorry because she’ll be purging him. haha. Seiji drops his law book from shock. Even though he’s shock from Miko’s decision, Seiji is accepts it with all fairness and didn’t blame Toi.





In the end, Seiji gets purged, Miko gets a new one, and notice that the gacha is shining. True enough, her new oniichan is indeed shining, and Miko already has a name for him, “Kira kira” (shiny).



I used to think that Rei and Toi might be brothers in their past life, but now I’m thinking that it’s Yotsuba and Rei. If not, could it be Toi and Yotsuba? Yotsuba’s reaction when Rei was being kind to her is kinda shocking because why does she have to be that defensive? Like, duh, he’s not trying to replace your oniichan.

Anyway, I’m glad that Miko is slowly changing her ideas on finding the perfect oniichan and I agree that more than ranking or being perfect, compatibility with one another is more apt or just someone you can be happy with. Just like in the earlier episodes, the search for oniichan is becoming like a search for someone who can be considered a boyfriend material. haha.

As for Seiji, his character can be quite irritating. If I didn’t like him, as Fukka and not as Seiji, I’ll probably get irritated by his high-handed attitude. You know, people who are so good in preaching what is right or wrong are the ones who are mostly wrong. Anyway, I’m not so sure about his oniichan character, he’s more likely fit as the “otosan” than an oniichan.

Episode 4 is so-so, there’s not much development from what I already know or from what I already think I know. Though in this episode, it’s clear that Yotsuba isn’t just some side-character. I’m looking forward in episode 5 as former co-stars will be working together again.

Usual disclaimer applies.


3 thoughts on “Oniichan, Gacha Episode 4

  1. When i watch this episode its like your finding a brother but it seem more like finding a boyfriend instead LOL.

    I can feel the chemistry between Rio-chan and Yuta-kun. Not that I’m looking them as a partner but both of them look so cute! 😀


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