Katori Shingo and Ayase Haruka to Play Alien Couple in New Movie

I remember that there was a Katori x Ayase dating rumor before but I guess it’s all because of this movie. XD

It was announced that SMAP‘s Katori Shingo and Ayase Haruka will star in SF (sci-fi), romantic comedy movie, “Galaxy Kaidou” (Galaxy Highway/Galaxy Turnpike). The said movie will be directed by Mitani Koki.

Set in 2265 AD, Noa (Katori) and Noe (Ayase) runs a small eatery along the main road called “Galaxy Highway” that connects earth and a space colony near Jupiter called “Uzushio”. Story will revolve around spaceman way of life as laborers and visitors lives interweave.

Katori says that he’s excited to be working together with Mitani after a long time. He also expressed his excitement for working with Mitani’s first SF movie. On Mitani, he commented that ordinary love stories are boring so he decided to set the stage in the Universe.

All movie characters will be aliens and the “space station” will be made of CG done in TOHO studios. Filming will start by March and “Galaxy Kaidou” will hit the theaters on October .

via jnews1 and Sanspo



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