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Kamenashi Kazuya Disguises as a Security Guard during Joker Game’s Stage Greeting

What can I say, Kame loves to role-play.

KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya attended the stage greeting and thanksgiving event for making “Joker Game” a big hit. Movie’s director, Irie Yu, is also present.

The said stage greeting was held at Cinema Lights Matsumoto at Nagano and true to Kamenashi’s “spy” character in the movie, he infiltrated the audience wearing a disguise as a security guard with fake mustache and glasses. Kamenashi went unnoticed as he stood as a security guard for 10 minutes until the event started; surprised cheers erupted when it was revealed. Kamenashi also said that he wants to watch the movie the movie with the audience and it makes him a little nervous since the last time he watched a movie with an audience was during a film festival. (I guess he’s talking about Udine).

Joker Game” is still in theaters.

via jnews1, and Daily Sports

Image credit :rikukukuku



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