Kiriyama and Kamiyama Play Twins Separated at Birth in “Blood Brothers”

More Johnny’s are playing younger roles in stage plays…can’t they adapt something else that would fit their age?

Johnny’s WEST‘s Kiriyama Akito and Kamiyama Tomohiro are starring in the musical, “Blood Brothers“. The said musical is an adaptation of Willy Russell’s original that premiered at London’s West End in 1983. As the title suggest, Kiriyama and Kamiyama play as fraternal twins who grew-up from different families; one was brought up from a poor family while the other grew up rich.

Kiriyama plays the role of Mickey, the poor one, and when the musical was announced last December, he decided to lose some belly fat with a diet of soup and he successfully got thinner.  Moreover, both are in their 20’s and they are playing 7-year-old characters so they have to remove their shin hair since they’ll be wearing shorts. The two showed-off their shiny legs like girls during the press conference . Kiriyama shared that when he went to the supermarket to buy some hair removal cream, he unexpectedly bump to Kami-chan (Kamiyama) and it was very embarrassing.

Blood Brothers” will run from Feb 14th to 28th at Shinbashi Theater, Tokyo.

via jnews1, Nikkan Sports, and Hochi


3 thoughts on “Kiriyama and Kamiyama Play Twins Separated at Birth in “Blood Brothers”

  1. How have I never heard of Kamiyama before? There’s a shortage of good looking guys when it comes to the younger Johnny’s, but he’s really handsome. I guess it’s just personal taste.


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