Okada Junichi to Challenge Mt. Everest in New Movie

A new and exciting movie role for Okada!

After V6‘s Okada Junichi‘s successful roles in “Eien no Zero” and “Higurashino-Ki”, the idol actor is set to fully open his inherent physical capabilities for his new role in the movie, “Everest: Kamigami no Itadaki” (Everest: the Summit of Gods). The movie is based from Yumemakura Baku‘s original novel where Okada will challenge filming in an altitude of 6,000 meters.

Okada will play the role of Fukamachi Makoto, a photographer who found a camera supposedly own by British mountaineer George Mallory who went missing in the Everest until his body was found in 1999. Fascinated by Mallory’s past and if he did reach the world’s highest peak, Fukamachi will embark on a climb with legendary climber, Joji Habu (Abe Hiroshi), a genius who isolates himself because of his reckless personality . In addition, actress Machiko Ono will play Kishi Ryoko,  a woman who loves a climber and tries to find him.

Okada have started physically training his body to be able to adapt in a low oxygen environment. Aside from being proficient in martial arts, he also started with rock and mountain climbing. Okada is also eyeing to start training in a low oxygen chamber, he said that he’s looking forward to filming in Everest along with harsh shooting.

The movie has been in preparations for five years and the producers are glad to finally found an actor to accept this role. Filming will start in Nepal this March until summer with a budget of 1.5 Billion Yen. All cast and crew were given special insurances for this dangerous project.

Everest: Kamigami no Itadaki” will be released next year.

via jnews1 and Nikkan Sports

4 thoughts on “Okada Junichi to Challenge Mt. Everest in New Movie

  1. Lol it sounds dangerous, Okada loves mountain climbing so he’s going to be okay I believe. I’m more worried for Machiko and Abe-sama. 😛


  2. Looks like this will be another great movie with Okada as the lead.
    Kinda amaze the movie has been in preparations for five years, and lol about the producers being glad they finally found an actor that accept this role XD


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