Rants & Raves : Graduates

It’s February and in Japan, it’s graduation month just in time for Sakuras to bloom. Anyway, I miss my own high school graduation and even though don’t want to attend any high school reunions, it’s fun to walk down the memory lane.

Anyway, here is my occasional Rants & Raves : Graduates

  • Nakajima Yuto is becoming a familiar face in Golden Time dramas particularly with his salaryman roles. Nakajima is only 21 yrs old but he has played salaryman roles from “Hanzawa Naoki” to “Date” and even in his CMs from Nippon Life Insurance to AOKI. In fact, some people are surprise that the Hey!Say!JUMP member is from Johnny’s since he usually doesn’t play “sparkling” characters.

I’ve seen Yuto in “Date” and he’s really good, he can carry himself well during his arguments with Takumi (Hasegawa Hiroki) when he’s so bent in making Yoriko (Anne) realize how wrong Takumi is for her. I guess that being given well-written dialogues  and acting along established actors made him want to be better. I don’t mind that he plays salaryman roles for now because that means that he’s ready for more mature or adult roles instead of forever playing a student.

  • Three factions unite for “Takizawa Kabuki” that stars Takizawa Hideaki (Johnny Kitagawa’s faction), Hey!Say!JUMP’s Kota Yabu (Julie faction), Kis-My-Ft2’s Kitayama Hiromitsu (Iijima faction), and some Johnny’s Junior units (Johnny’s faction).

In the name of profit aka money, which everyone else’s love, all faction must unite and any words that Mary Kitagawa have thrown against Iijima can be forgotten for now. Well, it’s up to Kitayama to prove that talents under Iijima can dance. haha. Seriously, factions be damned, fans are eager for any JE talents from different groups to interact so those who writes fanfics have more OTPs to explore.

  • Sakurai Sho have a “nadegata” face-off with Hamada Takahiro when Johnny’s WEST appeared in “VS Arashi”

Idols making fun of themselves is priceless, it’s just goes to show their level of confidence is. Other than that, they should be glad they aren’t women or they can’t use shoulder bags. XD. Aside from sloping shoulders, they do have huge neck.

  • Hey!Say!JUMP have been unveiled to be the 9-member group in “Sensations”

LOL at the height differences. ^^ Aside from that, are there anyone else surprise? Of course, HSJ will be singing the theme song for Yamada’s first solo movie. Furthermore, I’m more interested on the voice behind Koro-sensei.

  • They are not from Koro-sensei’s class but congratulations to Batch 2015, Johnny’s talents who graduated from High School.

卒業おめでとう to Sexy Zone’s Sato Shori (Horikoshi), Johnny’s Jr. Matsumura Hokuto (Horikoshi), Jesse, Hagiya Keigo, Okamoto Kauan, Iwahashi Genki, Johnny’s WEST Kotaki Nozomu (Osaka Gakukei High School), KinKan’s Hirano Sho and Kaneuchi Toma, and Naniwa Ouji’s Nishihata Daigo. From all of them, only Iwahashi is confirmed to attend college in a university and will be under Faculty of Economics. Did I miss anyone else?


That’s all for now, enjoy the cold wind of February!


5 thoughts on “Rants & Raves : Graduates

  1. Congratulations on the Batch 2015 graduates!!

    Rant: BTW, why is it that before when I’m searching for Kotaki’s school over the net, there is no infos showing where is it… but then come the time that he’s already graduated, the school’s name has been given?! Ugh, fangirl problems lol.


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