Okada Junichi’s Double Win at Japan Academy Award

This news is late but still….Congratulations!!!

The 38th Japan Academy Award had its awarding ceremony at Grand Prince Hotel in Tokyo and V6‘s Okada Junichi won two top acting awards from different movies. Okada won Best Actor in a Leading Role for “Eien no Zero” and Best Actor in a Supporting Role for “Higurashino-ki“. The Japan Academy Award is the first for the Johnny’s talent and the first time in Japan Academy’s history that both prizes were won by the same actor.

Okada is in tears during the ceremony where he thanked his fellow actors, filmmakers, and supporters for the recognition. Okada also said that it’s miracle for him have a place in Japan Academy Award. The V6 member also thanked his co-member, V6’s Inohara Yoshihiko, a friend he has worked with for 20 years. Inohara sent Okada an email after his nomination where the former mentioned how proud he is that Okada have made his place (in Japan Academy).

Okada’s movie starrer, “Eien no Zero”, also took home other top awards such as Best Picture and Best Director.

via jnews1 and Sponichi Annex

2 thoughts on “Okada Junichi’s Double Win at Japan Academy Award

  1. Everyone are saying how the movie is all about right-wing propaganda but I really don’t care, I like the story and Okada really showed that he can act. Somehow, it’s unfair that Kimura have to declined the award back then because of agency’s policy.


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