Oniichan, Gacha Episode 5 & 6

A Prince-type oniichan and an oneechan? These two episodes makes Shizukushi family on the verge of making a contract but Toi always saves the day. I’m like, why can’t he just agree to be Miko’s brother and get it over with?

Here is a quick recap of Oniichan, Gacha : Episode 5 and 6





Miko’s sparkling new brother, Kirara, immediately gains approval from the ladies of Shizukushi family. This doesn’t bode well with Riku and Toi who says that in the end, it’s just all about the looks. haha. From mama, Mako, Miko, and Kako, all of them literally have hearts on their eyes and they are smiling like fools in love in front of Kirara.





Riku doesn’t like what he’s seeing so he asks Kirara for his onii-chan rank, the girls immediately gets defensive and calls Riku rude. haha. Anyway, Kirara opens a portion of his shirt, which made the girls blush, and reveals a “D”. Toi and Riku finds his low rank funny and the girls give them the eye. Kirara says that he’s not good with anything else and his only redeeming quality is his looks, which is totally fine with the girls.

Learning about Kirara’s being poor in everything else makes mama’s motherly instincts tickle, Mako says that it makes her want to help him, and Kako even offers her wiener. Miko asks the girls if it’s okay that to do a contract with him and everyone agrees except for the boys who thinks that it’s too fast. Kirara surprisingly agrees with the guys’ opinion and said that he doesn’t want to disappoint the ladies so they can get to know each other better before the contract.





At the ballet studio, Natsuko and the shojoz are doing their dance routine while the oniichanz are on the floor doing push-ups. Natsuko wants to based her decision from the result of their strength and the oniichanz tells Natsuko that she must based her decision from her heart since all of them are equal in terms of strength and capabilities.

Natsuko doesn’t believe in things like love and says that salary and education should be a deciding factor. Yotsuba says that those qualities are what you look for a boyfriend, not a brother, and Miko says that Natsuko is too choosy she’ll find herself missing her chance in marriage. LOL. Yotsuba says that even Miko hasn’t decided on a brother yet and Miko giggly admits that she has already chosen when Kirara enters.





As expected, all the girls get enthralled by the sparks given by Kirara. All except Yotsuba who is just immune to everyone except to Rei, I think. If the girls are in love, the oniichanz aren’t happy with the sparkly newcomer and asks about his rank, Kirara reveals his D rank that makes the oniichaz laugh since “D” is like the lowest rank.

Kirara remain unfazed and says his sorry line about not having any redeeming qualities except for his face. The shojoz and even rank-obsessed Natsuko is completely fine with it and rushes toward him. This makes Miko protective of her shiny brother as the girls clamor around him.





At the Game Center, Toi arrives with Yotsuba and they talk about the other Gacha machine that’s supposed to be broken. Professor Uraba and Rei arrives and says that the other machine is actually an “onee-chan gacha” (big sister). However, most oneechan’s were used for something illegal, so it was put under temporary restraint.





Rei says that they’ll make an exception for Yotsuba since Professor Uraba is a softie when it comes to sob stories like Yotsuba’s brother who died in an accident. Professor Uraba removes the “NO GOOD” sign from the machine and tells Yotsuba to get her oneechan gacha. However, Yotsuba changes her mind and decides not to get one at all. She said that she’ll deal with her loneliness since her brother is alone in heaven after all.

This irks Professor Uraba since he’s actually aiming to lift the restraint with their oneechan gacha and Yotsuba will be the first to try it out, but because Yotsuba changes her mind, it looks like the machine will remain “NO GOOD” for the meantime. Anyway, Toi asks about Kirara and Professor Uraba and Rei are surprised that he got reborn again. Professor Uraba says that he’s good with women because of his looks and he’s probably a host in his past life, in fact, the last family who had him ended with debt because they want to give anything that Kirara wants.





Toi says that he doesn’t want a nasty guy for Miko’s brother and Rei says that if Kirara was reborn then it only meant that he got purged once. Professor Uraba says that Kirara did one mistake, he let out one smelly fart, and that made the girls snapped out of their supposed love for Kirara. haha. Well, it’s really all about the looks.





At Shizukushi’s home, Kirara proves that he might be a host in his past life by having the family spend for his expensive taste. Mako orders a takeout meal from a 5-star restaurant just because Kirara wants to have a meal, Kako volunteers her piggy bank to Kirara, while Miko arrives with a full-on make-up like Kako and gives her wallet to Kirara. Then mama arrives looking like a mama-san from host clubs. haha. Toi has enough Kirara’s acts and taking advantage of the girls in the family so he gives him a punch in the face, and tells him to get out of the house but the girls are ready to defend him and tells Toi that he should be the one to get out.





Well, since Toi is sort-of pushed out of the house, he can only rely on Riku and tells him to make Kirara eat some yams. Riku gives the yams to Kirara but he has learned his lesson in the past and says that “a prince shouldn’t fart”.

At ballet class, Miko fainted from hunger. Natsuko says that it must be because of her wonderful brother where she tries to appeal to him by getting thin. Miko also says that she also gets jealous especially by thinking that her mother and sister are getting close to him when she’s not there. Natsuko then tells her to let her have Kirara and Miko doesn’t feel well to argue further.

So Yotsuba helps Miko to her home and Miko asks her if she’s a B-sen (girls who like ugly guys) that’s why she’s so immune to Kirara. Yotsuba says that she’s immune to Kirara because she already has an oniichan but he died in an accident.

Elsewhere, Toi had a dream about his past and it lasts a bit longer, he could have remembered his past. Riku arrives and tells Toi that Kirara didn’t eat the yams and the two are clueless on what to do next.

Back home, mama, Mako, and Kako are serving Kirara with cake when Miko arrives. Kirara notices that Miko is hurt, he goes to her and put his forehead on Miko’s. Kirara’s gesture makes the other girls jealous and soon enough, they were vying for Kirara’s precious hug.

Outside, Toi and Riku aren’t completely clueless on what to do with Kirara and Toi proceeds with their plan. He shakes a sack of pumpkins and the flies starts flying toward the house. Inside, Kirara is again being fed with cakes and he has some cream on the side of his mouth, mama wants to remove it but everyone starts arguing on who must remove the cream. Well, before anyone of them could remove it, the flies have reached the cream and soon enough, the only thing we can see is that Kirara’s lips is covered with pixels. haha.

Kirara’s looks must be unpleasant enough that everyone was obviously turn-off with his looks. haha. They can’t even look straight at him and soon, Kirara finds his way in the purging machine.





Miko apologizes for her lovestruck behavior as she draws another gacha. However, they fail to notice that they are drawing from a different machine. The next day, Miko didn’t get an oniichan but an oneechan.





The oneechan instantly captivates Riku’s heart so Mako and Miko has to remind him that he already has an older sister. Miko says that she accidentally drew from the oneechan gacha so Mako tells her to return the oneechan that she got. Kako also says that she doesn’t need another older sister.





The girls negative comments gets to the oneechan that she starts crying, Mako says that a woman’s tears is always an act. haha. To prove Mako’s point, Kako pretends to cry. Anyway, mama says that it does feel bad to be purged when she just got out and Riku asks their mama to let her stay even for one day. Mama agrees and Riku name her Mero because he likes melons. Mero smiles at her new name and Toi thinks that she just made an evil smile.





At ballet class, Natsuko and the shojoz are having another of their production number with Miko and Yotsuba at the sidelines. Natsuko is channeling her inner Juliet by singing about her forbidden love with Romeo, who in her song is also her oniichan. Well, the song ends with Juliet being fine with platonic love.

After their number, Natsuko asks Yotsuba on why she’s so cool with their declaration of love for their oniichans and Miko says that it’s because Yotsuba already have a big brother who sadly died in an accident. Yotsuba even shows Natsuko her oniichan’s picture and Natsuko agrees that her brother looks cool. Natsuko feels sorry for Yotsuba that she wants her own tragic story so she tells her oniichanz that one of them must die so she can cry her love for them in the center of the world. haha.





The oniichanz get depressed over Natsuko’s enthusiasm to see one of them dead until Mero arrives with Toi. The oniichanz were instantly uplifted and were all restless in Mero’s presence. Well, Mero is such a tease and even says that her rank stamp is hidden somewhere in her body that made all the oniichanz have wild thoughts that irked Natsuko.





In a creepier way, the only one who gets to see Mero’s stamp is none other than Professor Uraba who mentions that Mero’s stamp is at her butt. Miko tells him that he only want to take a peek and Professor defends himself by saying that as the gacha’s creator, they are like daughters to him. Yeah right. Anyway, Mero is rank “M” which means “Mashou” or being devilish. Yotsuba thinks it’s the reason Natsuko’s oniichanz fell for her and Rei tells professor to get Mero purged quickly since she might drive the world mad.

Mero hears this and gives Rei a slap. Mero, wearing nothing but tiny bikinis, acts all hurt and Rei isn’t so immune to Mero’s tempting ways that he finds himself joining Team Mero. haha. Rei says that he didn’t really fell for Mero’s temptation but he just happen to like eccentric girls. Noticing that Toi is immune with Mero, Miko and Yotsuba asks him if he’s gay. haha.





Back home, Mero tries her best to be like by the entire family. She gets close to Mako by helping her with the guy she likes, she gives mama a massage after a tiring day at work, she makes a delicious omurice for Kako, cuddles Miko after her nightmare, and Riku, well, Riku has already fallen for her. Soon enough, the entire family is on Team Mero.

Despite all of Mero’s machinations, there is one person who wouldn’t fall for her and that’s her fellow gacha, Toi. Toi actually congratulates Mero for turning the guys and girls into her favor but he reminds her that Miko wants an older brother and soon, she’ll find herself purged.





Well, Mero didn’t let Toi’s words to discouraged her and the next day, she makes everyone else’s preferred breakfast from Mako’s bread to mama’s nato and rice. As her last resort for the family to take her in, she kneels down to thank everyone for their kindness and asks them to remember her once she’s gone. Toi isn’t buying her act but the rest of the family is in tears just by the thought of letting Mero go.

Toi turns to Miko with hopes that she’s not buying Mero’s appeal but Miko shares her family’s sentiment and says that there might not be an ideal oniichan for her but she can at least have an ideal oneechan, and Mero is an ideal oneechan for her.





Mero is not yet done proving her popularity that she goes to the ballet school and showed-off her ballet dance moves. All the guys, from the oniichanz to the shojoz’s oniichans to Professor Uraba and Rei are all enthralled by Mero’s beauty and grace. Even Miko enjoys seeing her ballet classmates get jealous from her popular older sister.

Toi tells Mero that she have gone too far and Mero innocently says that what she did is just dancing. Toi tells her that even Miko is becoming ill-natured because of her and Mero says that all girls are all ill-natured since they like to compete with other girls. Toi reasons-out that there are girls who are just contented with themselves and Mero says that those kind of girls are the ugly ones and even if they get married, they’ll just end-up being fat. Toi thinks that it’s not so unpleasant and wants Miko to stay pure and honest. In short, Toi doesn’t like Mero to become Miko’s older sister.





Mero decides to use her last card to make Toi fall for her and that’s by telling him that her “M” actually means “memories” and not “mashou”, which means that she can help Toi in retrieving his lost memories.





At the Gaming center, the Shizukushi family are prepared to make a contract between them and Mero. Mama excitedly says that she even brought the family seal with them and Professor Uraba says that making a contract with a gacha is different from the usual. What the family would do is to swallow a pill and their memories will get altered wherein the oniichan or oneechan has always been part of their family. Certain “authorities” will also alter their family register so it would look like he/she was part of the family from the beginning.





Mero finally arrives with Toi and Natsuko and Yotsuba wonders that once Mero becomes part of Miko’s family, her oniichanz and Rei would stay in love with her. Miko says that it doesn’t matter because for her Mero means no harm, until she sees Mero being all lovey-dovey with Toi. Seeing that Mero even managed to snag Toi, Miko snapped back to reality and soon, Mero gets purged. :evil laugh:





The next day, Miko asks Toi if he purposely got close to Mero so Miko will get jealous. Toi sort-of admit it and Miko thinks that it was disgusting that he even kissed her. Anyway, Miko and Toi welcomes the new oniichan-a yankee.


Episode 5 and 6 became a battle of looks and wits between Kirara and Mero. I’m glad to see Aran channeling his prince-type character from Kinkyori Renai though I think they used too much glitters on him that even his sweat sparks. On Mero, gah, I totally hate her. I think that the real reason oneechan gacha’s are banned is not because they might be used for illegal activities but because someone like Mero is likely to do illegal activities even without orders. Really, her character is not needed.

In these episodes, Kirara and Mero were both preferred by the family because of their looks, just goes to show that we live in such a looks-obsessed world. I think one of the reasons why the family finds it so easy to purged them is because they don’t treat them as a family yet. The thing with family is you accept them for who they are because they are a family. Here, Miko’s isn’t really looking for someone to be part of the family but just someone who will suit her and that’s the reason she can’t decide on a brother yet.

As for Toi, if he’s so against with almost everyone to be Miko’s oniichan then why can’t he just agree to be her brother. I’m sure he’s bothered with his “past” but it’s not like he can do anything about it when he’s still a gacha unless a contract has been made. Though, I’m also bothered with Toi’s past since I’m sure that it has a link with Yotsuba and I’m sure that it’ll put a dampen between Miko and Yotsuba’s friendship.

Other than that, the weekly change in oniichan is becoming tiring because the new oniichans aren’t really that interesting and they don’t really contribute to the development of other characters. Toi is becoming that of character to patch things up of make sure that the family is not getting swindled or whatever. Well, he does act like an oniichan because of Shizukushi’s lack of fatherly figure but he’s attachment to the family will only cause more pain once his past memories comes back.

Oh well, let’s all wait and see if this drama will go downhill or if Nojima Shiji has something more to offer.

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