Maruyama Ryuhei to Host a Saturday Show

I’m not too sure about Maru’s skills as a host, he looks more fit to be a comedian but let’s see.

It was announced that Kanjani8‘s Maruyama Ryuhei will serve as MC for TBS new show, “Saturday Plus!“(Sata de purasu), that will air every Saturday morning starting this April. The said show will be replacing “Shittoko!” that has been on air since 2003.

The main theme of the show are “money” and “health”. The group will also give information on self defense, gossips, and travel where a travel gourmet will flood the streets to deliver information that one should really know.

This is Maruyama’s first time to host a news show and he will be joined by Kosakai Kazuki (59) and Kojima Ruriko (21) to show and cover differences between three generations.

Saturday Plus!” will start this April 4th at 08:00 (JST) on TBS and MBS.

via Oricon


3 thoughts on “Maruyama Ryuhei to Host a Saturday Show

  1. I think eighters are too used to see his bakaness in every eito show till the date so that’s why many people is a bit worried about him being the principal MC on a show with a more serious tone …. but I really love Maru as MC and just as was previously mentioned he’ll give this kind of show a much livelier and happy vibe ,that’s why i think TBS chose him for the show

    I’m seriously happy to see him expanding his horizons as entertainner … singer,actor,MC …. man, i’m one happy fangirl XD * tears of joy *


  2. Maru to host???? hmmmmm… i wonder if he’s okay as a host… But maybe, it will give the show a much livelier and happy atmosphere… that remains to be seen though. But i bet, everyone’s waiting for it, everyone’s anticipating what more could Maru do aside from being a singer and an actor. So ganbatte kudasai Maru-kun 🙂


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