“I want to held by him” Ranking

In the tradition of nonsense ranking, here is another ranking that will surely make you wish it’s true.

Fashion magazine “an an” has been doing “dakaretai otoko” (literally, I want to held by him) feature that stopped in 2008. When it got resurrected, the said feature became limited to manga characters. This time, joshi SPA! decides to bring back famous an an‘s feature by surveying 300 women around 30s on who among today’s men (celebs, newscasters, and sportsmen) they want to be held by. 

Here are the results for Joshi SPA!’s “I want to be held by him” Ranking

1) Saito Takumi

2) Tamaki Hiroshi

3) Ikuta Toma

4) Mukai Osamu

5) Sakurai Sho (Arashi)

6) Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)

7) Oguri Shun

8) Matsuda Shota

8) Tsumabuki Satoshi


via Yahoo!Japan

Is it such a coincidence that the Johnny’s who made the Top 10 are those who made the cover of an an’s sex issue? haha. Toma’s the hottest btw, the one with Matsujun is just awkward, and Sho just doesn’t seem to fit.


4 thoughts on ““I want to held by him” Ranking

  1. I agree with you – Sho’s cover is kinda off. The light, the pose… It’s just somewhat off.
    (He looks sexier on every second cover, that shouldn’t be?)
    And MatsuJun’s is so… tame?

    Anyways, besides them I wouldn’t have a problem with Matsuda Shota holding me, nope.
    My very first J-actor-crush~


  2. Certainly, I can see the sex appeal from Toma on that cover, very sexy. While for J’s and Sho’s, I think it didn’t appeal much because J looks like he was the one “being done to” and Sho just enjoys “playing” alone XDDD, but really, maybe they should make a revenge by pairing together for another cover of the sex issue, would be great.
    And does anyone know and have the cover pics of other Johnny’s who made the cover of an an’s sex issue? I heard of Okada, Higashiyama, Ohkura, so did they really being nude?


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