Sawajiri Erika Joins Aiba Masaki in “Youkoso, Waga Ie e”

I looove Erika, she’s very unpretentious and I wonder what kind of chemistry she will have with Aiba.

It was announced that Sawajiri Erika will play Aiba Masaki‘s heroine in Fuji TV’s Getsu 9 drama, “Youkoso, Waga Ie e“. The said drama is written by Ikeido Jun of Hanzawa Naoki fame.

Youkoso, Waga Ie e” is a suspense home drama about the Kurata family who will become a target of relentless stalker. Aiba plays the role of Kurata Kenta, the eldest son and a commercial designer who will strike an unusual partnership with Sawajiri. Sawajiri plays the role of a cute female magazine reporter who is chasing a stalker. Sawajiri’s character isn’t in the original novel and this is the first time that the two will work together.

Completing the Kurata family, are: Terao Akira (father), Minami Kaho (mother), and Arimura Kasumi ( younger sister).

Youkoso, Waga Ie e” will air this April at Fuji TV.

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3 thoughts on “Sawajiri Erika Joins Aiba Masaki in “Youkoso, Waga Ie e”

  1. I hope to see romantic story line between the two! Alba has never shown his romantic side in his previous shows (vs. Matsumoto did too much). However I had a feeling the drama won’t be very successful. The screen writer’s most recent dramas are all badly reviewed…


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