Favorite and Hated Johnny’s Ranking

This ranking is different from the previous ranking about “Favorite and Hated Actors” since this ranking is mainly about Johnny’s. Women’s Weekly surveyed 3,000 readers on who is their favorite and hated Johnny’s talent.

Here are the results:

Favorite Johnny’s Ranking 

*() last year’s ranking 

1) Matsumoto Jun (4)

2) Ohno Satoshi (5)

3) Sakurai Sho (1)

4) Ninomiya Kazunari (-)

5) Aiba Masaki (7)


6) Masuda Takahisa (-)

B-F7D1fCMAAuSDF.jpg large

7) Takizawa Hideaki (-)

7) Yamashita Tomohisa (10)

9) Kimura Takuya (2)

10) Domoto Koichi (-)

Hated Johnny’s Ranking 

*() last year’s ranking


1) Kimura Takuya (1)

2) Ohno Satoshi (-)

3) Matsumoto Jun (-)

4) Masahiko Kondo (4)


5) Yamashita Tomohisa (-)

6) Tegoshi Yuya (-)

B8Bn6klCcAE88dY.jpg large

7) Shibutani Subaru (-)

8) Fujigaya Taisuke (-)

9) Nakai Masahiro (3)


10) Nishikido Ryo (-)


LOL at this ranking, there are lot of “new” additions in the “Hated list” and I wonder why. haha. KimuTaku, MatsuJun, Ohno, and Yamapi are in both lists and I guess it shows how popular they are. I wonder why my faves, Kame, Ikuta, and Yuto aren’t on this list. In fact, the “favorite” list is dominated by Arashi and none from Kanjani8 and KAT-TUN made it. As for the “hate list”, I can only assume why they are hated, particularly those new in the ranking. Yamapi and Ryo are hated because they are gorgeous party boys are who are BFFs with Jin. Subaru because he got a movie deal even though he looks like he doesn’t care most of the time. Fujigaya because he keeps on winning the “Best Jeanist” award. haha. Tegoshi because he’s pretty and MatsuJun because he might really marry Inoue Mao.


8 thoughts on “Favorite and Hated Johnny’s Ranking

    • I hope so! Maybe that will give him the chance to design his own jeans because that’s something he really badly wants to do someday 😀 Idk why anyone would hate him though, his image last year wasn’t even that big… And that’s coming from a Gaya-bias. Well, I guess that means that people noticed him at least ❤


  1. It seem who in both list are the most popular and known by public their good and bad points. they got double votes XD

    I was suprised Massu in favorite list, didnt know he is popular and more suprised. No Kame there.


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