Update on “Endless SHOCK” accident

Good news, everyone goes home safe…

As reported earlier, an 800 kg LED panel fell during the live performance of “Endless SHOCK” that left six people injured. According to the fax sent to the media, 5 of those injured are performers and one is part of  the staff. They were all sent to three different hospitals for treatment and further evaluation. Most of the injuries sustained were: fracture, head trauma, bruises, and cuts.  Fortunately, all of them were allowed to go home today.

Toho, the producer of “Endless SHOCK” that stars KinKi Kids Domoto Koichi, deeply apologizes to the injured and they also expressed their sympathies to  the affected families. An investigation will look further into this matter and performances for this day (Mar 20th) is still undecided.

via Rakuten Woman and Nikkan Sports 


5 thoughts on “Update on “Endless SHOCK” accident

  1. Did you hear the rumor that Kame is going to retire from J&A and the entertainment world in a year when he turns 30? What was that all about? Can you post about it? Is it true?


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