Oniichan, Gacha Episode 7

Sorry for the super late recap, because of my new work, I can only do recaps every weekend and that’s if I have extra time. I’m wondering if I should finish recapping this drama but I guess I will just make a digest for the succeeding episodes.

Anyway, the next oniichan makes me hurt my neck just by looking at him because of his preferred post to make him look intimidating. XD. Well, the truth about Yotsuba’s oniichan may be revealed sooner with some tidbit of this episode and it makes me more suspicious that it might be Toi.

Here is a quick recap of Oniichan, Gacha : Episode 7





The new oniichan is very yankee with his biker-gang-like clothes, the way he talks, his rad ideals, and his not-so good manners in table and overall. He talks about how he hates all those rules made for people and proudly says that he doesn’t care if no one likes him. Miko chimes in if he doesn’t want to be like as long as Miko likes him, which the new oniichan agrees.





Mako and mama say that his style might not be suited for their family. When Miko asks for his name, the new oniichan names himself as “Road” (Morita Myuto) for obvious reasons. Anyway, mama has enough of his talk and asks him to sit for the meal, Road says that he doesn’t follow any orders until mama gets on with scolding mode and tells him to sit properly. haha.





Road meekly goes back to his chair and sits like a proper young man and Toi laughs on how he might get purged in a few days. Miko tells him that it be Toi who gets purged since it seems weird that their keeping Toi around. Mama disagrees and says that they need Toi in finding a new brother or they might get tricked, Mako and the kids also agree and you can see that even Toi doesn’t want to get purged.





At the ballet class, the oniichanz are singing their apologies to Natsuko after they fell from the bewitching spell of Mero. After that, Road arrives and the shojoz immediately shield Natsuko from an unknown danger brought by Road. Road tells the oniichanz that he heard all about the “Mero incident” from Toi and scolds them for falling for Mero in front of their little sister. Yellow oniichan (you know, Natsuko’s oniichan with yellow scarf) says that they can’t help it since Mero has “memsmerizing” powers and Road says that it’s not an excuse because if it’s him, he would stand in pain than fall for someone in front of his little sister.





Green oniichan tells Road that he wasn’t there when it happened and he would have fallen too but Road says that they don’t know him and he could have put his heart in flames and the skull tattoo beside his B-rank stamp is a proof. The A-rank oniichanz tells him that he’s just a lowly B-rank and Road tells them that even his just a B-rank, which might even stand for baka, but he’s born to protect his cute little sister.

Well, his brave words touches Natsuko’s heart and soon enough, she and the shojoz were imitating him and even saying his punchline, “yoroshiku!”

At the Game center, Professor Uraba is still depress that they have to purge Mero, they could have gotten her as an assistant. hehe. Anyway, Yotsuba finally(!) decided that she wants an oniichan after seeing Road. She says that she wants an oniichan who would look at no one except for his little sister. These little sisters are extremely selfish. In the end, Yotsuba drew a gacha.





Still at the Game Center, Natsuko is bent on purging her oniichanz and tells them that once a girl is over at a guy, it’s really over. haha. The oniichanz are still begging not to be purged and when they saw those yankee bullies from previous episode, Natsuko orders her oniichanz to fight them so they could redeem themselves. Well, the hesistant oniichanz didn’t get to fight when Toi and Road arrives with Miko and Yotsuba. Road tells them to resolve the “issue” outside since he doesn’t want to look uncool in front of his little sister.





Toi is not bothered that Road will be fighting them on his own, he thinks that he might be the same as Seigi who will bring them in a police station. Well, Natsuko orders his oniichanz to help Road but when the oniichanz arrived at the scene, Road is done. He even helps one of the bullies up and Miko tells him that they might take out a knife to stab him. However, Road is confident that they won’t do it since they understand each other with their fists. In the end, the yankees became all friends and the girls are impressed with this new yankee genre.





At home, Road proves to be a cool yankee oniichan and tolerates all the wrongdoings. haha. Instead of stopping Kako from doodling on the wall, he even gave her a spray can for colors. Road also head-butts with Riku and tells him to play seriously or it’s gonna be boring. Road also tells Mako that he thinks she’s awesome for dressing-up the way she wants to dress. For mama, he asks her for a drink as she tells all her problems relating from papa.





Toi and Miko arrives home seeing the home in somewhat disarray, spray paints, Mako being a female yankee, and Road and mama drinking in one corner. Toi tells Road that he’s not allowed since he’s still underage and Road says that it’s only oolong tea, which surprises Toi that he’s pretty responsible.





After the ruckus, Toi ends-up doing the cleaning while Road sleeps on the couch. Miko takes the opportunity to ask Toi if he still doesn’t want to be her oniichan after all that has happened. Toi tells her that it’s still impossible and after Miko says her goodnight, Road whispers how it doesn’t look good.

The next day, Miko finds Road with a motorcycle and he asks her to go for a drive with him.

Elsewhere, Toi is asking Rei if he could be purge. He reasons-out that his presence might be the reason Miko hasn’t chosen an oniichan yet. He also shares that Miko asked him if his feelings has changed and Rei says that Toi could just be Miko’s oniichan. However, Toi remains hesistant for one reason, his past memory is still bugging him so he doesn’t want to commit and he wants to get purged before things get complicated. Rei tells him that even though he wants to get purged, it’s still up to Miko to decide and Toi wishes for Miko to just hate him.





While the two are talking, Yotsuba arrives with her oniichan gacha named Gentle (Kyomoto Taiga). Gentle looks like every inch of a gentleman and Toi is irritated for some reason. He asks Gentle for his rank and when it was revealed that he’s a “C”, Toi says that those C’s are either a hit or a miss. He also adds that Yotsuba is blinded by love for her deceased oniichan and she’s making a mistake. Yotsuba tells Toi that it’s none of his business and when Rei asks him what got him angry, Toi is just as clueless. Well, a fragment of his past came knocking on his mind, which leaves him weak as he sees Yotsuba in his past memory.





At the beach side, Road and Miko takes a break from their motorcycle ride. Road tells her that the scenery is best for girls when it comes to mending a broken heart. Road adds that it must be sad that Miko’s feelings aren’t reaching him (Toi) and tells her to forget all about him. Road tackles most of Toi’s bad points and Miko defends him. She says that Road doesn’t know anything so he should not talk badly about Toi, he’s her very first one whom she asked to be her oniichan.





Road tries to console her but Miko tells him to go home first and she’ll just take the train. Before Road leaves, he tells Miko to cry her heart out and tell Toi how she really feels. After all, oniichan’s love honest sisters the most. Speaking of honest, Miko tells Road that she hates being lectured, which is like the same as, “you’ll get purged”. haha. Road leaves and seconds later, Miko hears a crash.





And that is the end for Road, the Shizukushi family goes to the Game Center to cry the loss of Road. Miko can’t help but blame herself for Road’s demise. Professor Uraba says that gacha’s are not yet quite human until contracts are sealed and Rei adds that they can still be revived as long as they are still in minor age. Hearing this, the family quickly move on. haha.

Miko draws another gacha, hoping that she might get Road again; Toi asks her if she really wants Road to be her brother and Miko says yes.





The next day, Toi and Miko welcomes the new oniichan, Toi says that it’ll be nice if Miko gets Road again but Miko’s feelings for Road was so yesterday and even compares him to seeing an ex-boyfriend as if she already had one. Anyway, the new oniichan lacks all the spunk that Road has and his first greeting is an apology that someone like him is born into this world.


This episode would have been lackluster if it wasn’t for some revelations toward the end. My suspicions that Toi was Yotsuba’s oniichan is getting stronger after we’ve been given a clearer peek in Toi’s past. I still want to be in denial because I definitely want Toi as Miko’s brother and I know that if he’s really Yotsuba’s big brother then it’s gonna be bad. Can’t Rei just be Yotsuba’s oniichan? That’s going to be cool.

Anyway, Road is a cool oniichan, I even want him as an older brother even if I’m scared that one day there’ll be police outside our house to arrest him. haha. The way Miko rejected him is just shallow, the shallowest so far, and I feel bad for Road because he’s really so nice, sweet, and real.

I don’t have any high expectations for the next episodes, I just want to know all about Rei’s and Toi’s past and that’s the main reason I’ll keep on watching this.

Usual disclaimer apply.


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