Ueda Tatsuya is prepared for death during TBS Extreme Survival Challenge

I’m sure those six-pack abs helped him to stay warm…


Last Mar 7th, KAT-TUN’s Ueda Tatsuya attended the press conference for TBS’s “Zen sekai kyokugen survival“. For the said show, Ueda has to challenged living for 100 hours in a -50C environment in Artic Circle (Canadian border). Ueda said that [the challenge] was a work where he was prepared to die. In addition, his cameraman suffered a frostbite, a staff collapsed, and looking back, it was such a desperate situation while filming under harsh conditions.

TBS’s “Zen sekai kyokugen survival” is a special show of the network that started July last year. It quickly became popular where four celebrities will challenge the extreme for 100 hours each. Commenting about the challenge, Ueda said that he would freeze if he would just stand, in front of him is nothing but frost, and he has chose to live than not knowing who’s who.

via Oricon Sytle


2 thoughts on “Ueda Tatsuya is prepared for death during TBS Extreme Survival Challenge

  1. I know you’re strong physically…and now, I have proven how strong you are mentally, also. I am so proud of you Uepi, for surviving that life-threatening challenge. But please… Don’t ever say that you are prepared to die coz We, the Hyphens, are not yet ready for that. We will be heart-broken if that happens, so in your next challenge, whatever it may be, please take care and be careful.

    Congratulations and i am so proud of you Tatchan 🙂


    • Totally agree. I read the title and was thinking, just reading this makes me said. Ueda we can’t lose you but that adventurous spirit is amazing!

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