V6 and Hey!Say!JUMP as Main Personalities for “24 Hour TV”

Double treat for everyone and I can’t wait on who will do the drama. Let it not be the “usual”.

V6 and Hey!Say!JUMP has been announced as this year’s host for NTV‘s “24 Hour TV~38~Love Saves the Earth~“. The announcement was made during “DASH Itte Q!” special.

V6 has hosted the popular charity show back in 2000 and Morita Go even served as the charity marathon runner while this is the first time for Hey!Say!JUMP. This is also the first time that two sets of group will host the show to appeal to two generations. V6 will serve the adult generation while Hey!Say!JUMP are for the younger generation.

This year’s theme will be “to connect~a smile beyond time~” and V6’s Sakamoto Masayuki commented that a smiling face is important to connect and he jokes that Okada Junichi might be able to connect the entire Japan with a smile.

Hey!Say!JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke commented that he always wanted to stand on the same stage as V6 while Yaotome Hikaru said that he’s as nervous as the time the group debuted.

24 Hour TV~38~Love Saves the Earth~” will air this August.

via Oricon Style and Yahoo!Japan

Image credit via aikasan29


4 thoughts on “V6 and Hey!Say!JUMP as Main Personalities for “24 Hour TV”

  1. every big project and show owned by julie groups and their barter.
    sometimes I feel bad for Iijima groups, they like the minor in the agency now. they still do barter but not as much as julie’s.


  2. As much as I love HSJ I can not understand the need for V6 to share their mc duties with them , other than being another Julie´s barter thing. V6 can do it just fine alone moreover they deserve to have the honor of doing it alone. they are celebrating 20 years together this year, It´s totally unfair for them.
    non of their Kohais in previous years have done it like this. they could have just put HSJ do something like Arashi and Kanjani had done in previous years – guesting or something- but sharing the program is too much. and I´m not even a V6 fan. but I feel sorry for them
    managment is being ridiculous


    • I understand your disappointment but just like what NTV said, they are trying to reach to different generations with both groups, V6 would definitely appeal to older generation while HSJ will go for the younger ones.


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