Production Announcement for “Yokoso Wagaya e”

Spring dramas are starting to heat up, I wonder if they can sustain the heat?

Arashi‘s Aiba Masaki attended the production conference for his upcoming Getsu 9 drama, “Yokoso Wagaya e” (Welcome to my home). Based from Ikeido Jun‘s novel of Hanzawa Naoki fame, Aiba plays the role of a timid commercial designer named Kurata Kenta who got harassed by a stalker. Aiba added that it’s such an honor if the drama can follow Hanzawa Naoki’s record-breaking ratings and revealed that his Hanzawa DVD had been wildly lent and borrowed within Arashi.

Also in attendance are Aiba’s co-stars starting with the Kurata family, Terao Akira (father), Minami Kaho (mother), and Arimura Kasumi ( younger sister) who will also be the target of a relentless stalker. Johnny’s WEST‘s Fujii Ryusei is also among the cast and actress Sawajiri Erika will play the role of a cute magazine reporter who will chase Aiba’s stalker. When asked on her impression of Aiba, Sawajiri says that Aiba is good and sweet and even gives her chocolates that will not increase her blood sugar. As for a possible romance within the drama, Aiba says that he’s not yet done reading the script until the end so he hasn’t given up (on the possibility). Aiba is also in high spirits when a possible kissing scene was mentioned.

Yokoso Wagaya e” will start on Apr 13th on Fuji TV at 21:00 (JST).

via jnews1, Nikkan Sports, and Sanspo


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