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Fujigaya Taisuke Time-Travels in TAKE FIVE Stage Play Remake

A drama that I didn’t finish gets a stage play spin-off.

It was announced that Kis-My-Ft2‘s Fujigaya Taisuke will be starring in the stage play, “TAKE FIVE“. The said play is a spin-off of 2013’s TBS drama “TAKE FIVE~Oretachi wa Ai wo Nusumeru ka~“.

In the stage play, Fujigaya will play Homura Masayoshi’s (played by Kurasawa Toshiaki in the drama) descendant named Homura Mamoru who will time-slipped from year 2065 to stop Masayoshi from thieving. Unknown to Mamoru, another thief called Blue Butterfly (BB) have time-slipped before him that will surely affect the history. A footage from the TBS drama will be link with the stage play via LED screen.

Joining Fujigaya, are: Ranju TomuYamamoto Yuusuke, Yoshizawa Hisashi, Suruga Tarou, Ugashi Takashi, and Asakura Aki.

TAKE FIVE” will run  from May 13th to May 21st in Tokyo’s Akasaka ACT Theatre and May 28th to May 31st in Osaka’s Umeda Geijutsu Gekijou.

via jnews1 and Oricon


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  1. Taken together, the parables serve primarily to entertain – an effect that has as much to do with Garrone’s command of the cinematic language as it does the content itself.


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