Rants & Raves : Ratings Game

I was actually thinking of writing another Bits & Pieces just to compile this news but I decided to just write another R&R just for kicks.

Here is another round of Rants & Raves : Ratings Game

  • Yamapi’s “Flowers for Algernon” gets 11.5% for its pilot episode

11.5% is pretty decent since I know how much detractors this drama has particularly with their choice of main lead. I haven’t finished this drama, I’m only halfway and I didn’t finish it I got really sleepy and not because the drama is a snore-fest. In fact, Yamapi acts pretty decent as well even though there are times that he looks embarrassed. haha. I’ll definitely recap this drama once I’m done watching the first ep.

  • Okura Tadayoshi’s “Do S Deka” with Tabe Mikako get 12.7% for its pilot episode

What?! Okura’s drama got 1.2% higher than Yamapi’s?! So he’s not one of Johnny’s low-rating man anymore. Congrats! I’m also looking forward in watching this one since it looks funny and Okura cross-dressed again. He’s so pretty! WTH.

  • Aiba Masaki’s “Yokoso, Wagaya e” gets 13.0% for its pilot episode

Wow…all Johnny’s drama getting more than 10% this season is pretty impressive. I must download this one since I’ve been informed how scary the plot is.

  • Kimura Takuya congratulates his “I’m Home” wife, Ueto Aya, on getting pregnant. As a father of two, Kimura advises her to take care of her physical condition and even though the drama’s filming will be until June, he wants her to be in relax state.

I don’t know about Japan but in my country, pregnancy is considered lucky. So maybe, Kimura’s drama will be this season’s gem. Who knows? However, first trimester is considered as the hardest phase of pregnancy with all the physical and hormonal changes so I hope that Ueto will be fine to carry on with the filming.

  • Kazama Shunsuke returns as the lead voice actor for “Yu-Gi-Oh ☆ ☆ King The Movie “

I’m just glad that Kazama is still having tons of projects. Good actors will always have something for them.

  • 18 year-old boy got arrested for intimidation on JE’s President Johnny Kitagawa. The vocational student wrote a letter with a “very malicious content”

This is scary, this is like “Yokoso, Wagaya e” in real life. I wonder if this boy is one of those kids that got rejected by JE. hehe. Seriously tho, does Johnny doesn’t have a bodyguard? He should really consider hiring a bodyguard cum assistant so someone would also help him if he got stuck inside the elevator again.


I agree that Arashi is strong, but calling them “the history’s…” is a bit far-fetched because it’s like they are excluding all other groups before Arashi. I guess “…of their generation” is more apt, or to be more specific, in Japan. Anyway, if you read some excerpt from the book, it’s pretty interesting. Arashi are not just evaluated for their music, they are also evaluated individually, taking into consideration their accomplishments on how they progressed (as actors to musicians) to where they are now. I also like the talk/interview between the two critics, male critics and sound editors, who became Arashi’s fan.

That’s all for now. I need to do some reading.


8 thoughts on “Rants & Raves : Ratings Game

  1. The ratings for Yokoso Wagaya e are actually a bit worrisome… It’s actually the second lowest rating for the debut episode of any Getsu9 drama :/ Though the general comments on 2ch about the first ep have been fairly decent, the ratings will probably only go downhill from here.


  2. I watched Algernon, there were some odd in some parts, but I think that acting is good enough for yamashita. I actually looking forward to next episodes.
    He is not good, but he brings ratings to his dramas before like SUMMER NUDE was bad but it once got high ratings such as 17 %. I’m a bit suprised it only 11 % now. Is he that powerless now?
    well, many scandals and rumors, he should behave and working hard more if he want to get people favor him again and please stop messing around with his gang and akanishi. If there is problems, it will only him who get most impact, akanishi don’t care about his own career and julie will protect nishikido as kanjani 8.


    • Agernon opens at the same rating as Ouroboros (combi of Ikuta, Oguri and Ueno), so until now it is ok. If looking at average rating of this time slot, terrible. As I know, except for Alice no toge and Ouroboros with 2-digit average (of course with 1-digit for some eps), all others are 1-digit average. I doubt Algernon can keep 2-digit. But I love it, good story, Yamapi acting improves a lot and quite decent for me,


  3. and this is all 1st ep so rating will lower by time

    all of this I think Yamapi’s drama will become digit number rating soon, I watched it and I think Yamapi is boring acting like previous drama, I like him, very like him but his acting in recent dramas too bad, and in kinkyori renai, I’m so surprise the movie is a big hit with that acting


  4. that’s still decent ratings for yamapi drama, i watched that drama, actually yamapi acting is not as bad as people expected him but not extraorginary either. he did decent enough and i think he will improve.
    ouroboros was on the same timeslot before this drama, despite how good ouroboros for me. the ratings is lower. I worry for this drama, hope it stay double digits.

    eh?i didn’t know ohkura also labeled as johnny low rating. good for him. 12 % is not low at all 🙂 though compared to yamapi, his acting and role not special. but this drama is cute and funny.he looks pretty as girl. you should watch XD


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