Kanjani8 to do a Summer Recital

A good chance for fans to get closer Eito!

It was announced that Kanjani8 will be having an arena tour this summer that will be in “recital” format. The said tour is called “KANJANI8 Recital “Omae no heart wo tsukandaru!” that will start in July at Kobe and will end in September at Shizuoka. It is expected that the arena tour will mobilized 230,000 fans.

Since the group debuted in 2004, their performance venues haves steadily increase from domes to stadium. This time, to get closer to fans, the group decided to the tour will be all in arenas. Yasuda Shota also mentioned that the stage will be different in each venue so they can get closer (to fans) as much as possible. There are also planned activities like games for fans to enjoy and the group will collaborate with local broadcasting stations for planning

“Recital” live shows will be 2 hours long with only 10 songs. Furthermore, all cities included for the arena tour are those that were not included during “Kanjanism Live Tour”.

For the complete tour dates and venues for  KANJANI8 Recital “Omae no heart wo tsukandaru!, click here.

via Nikkan Sports and Daily Sports


3 thoughts on “Kanjani8 to do a Summer Recital

  1. ma boyz always thinking of their fangirls xD …. here is a fan hoping for another 47 prefectures tour ( perhaps for their 15 years :p so I can save money and spend everything on them XD #okno )


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