Arashi to make a BLAST in Miyagi

So the BLAST thing is now an annual thingy but Arashi decided to do some charitable work this time.

It was announced that Arashi will do a live tour at Miyagi prefecture this September. The said tour will be the 2nd installment of Arashi BLAST that started in Hawaii last year. For this year, it will be called “Arashi Blast in Miyagi” and the decision was made in response to the request of Miyagi’s governor, Murai Yoshihiro, with thoughts of aiding the reconstruction in the disaster area that was hugely affected during the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

“Arashi Blast in Miyagi” will happen at Hitomebore Stadium at Miyagi from Sept 19th to 23rd and is expected to mobilized 200,000 audiences. Apart from the stadium, the nearby Miyagi Sports Park will also be integrated as part of the concert site where a special corner will be selling local goods and gourmet in collaboration with the locals.

Arashi visited Miyagi before and even did their annual “Waku Waku Gakkou” at the same prefecture where they invited 8000 fans for free. Ohno Satoshi is glad that the governor invited them and Matsumoto Jun hopes that the festival-like concert they’ll be doing will boost the local industry.

Since the Miyagi concert will also be a “BLAST”, Sakurai Sho said that it will be different from their Hawaii concert. He said that it’d be nice if their BLAST activity will continously evolve and he also showed willingness in doing a third Arashi Blast.

via jnews1 and Daily Sports


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