Rants & Raves : #hashtag

Hi! I didn’t update this blog for almost a week and I feel so sad that I missed to translate a lot of news. Hopefully, I can resume and blog regularly starting this June but for the meantime, I just have to schedule most of my translations.

Anyway, how’s your summer? It’s extremely hot here that even though I gave up on soda, there’s nothing like a chilled soda to refresh me during summer. Speaking of refreshing, here are some trending Rants & Raves : #hashtag

  • Takahata Mitsuki is Kamenashi Kazuya’s heroine for his stage play under Ninagawa Yukio. 

I don’t really know her, she looks like that girl from AKB who shaved her hair after a scandal. Well, she might be Kame’s heroine but let’s all comfort ourselves with the mentioned of “tragic love story” in this play’s synopsis. #mean #bitterfan #toolazytolookforthenameof AKBgirl

  • Arashi’s new single, “Aozora noshita, Kimino tonari”, PV was filmed at HOUSE646. After Arashics/Arashians learned about the house’s location, some fans bombard the house with inquiries for a tour and some fans loiter outside of the house even with the absence of the owner. So, the owner issued a really nice apology to fans that a tour is out of the question since the house is a residential property and they want their neighborhood quiet.

Some fans are really scary, like sick. It’s not like they (Arashi) might have left something in the house and touching the house wouldn’t be “feel like” you’ve touched the members in person.  #learnyourboundaries #youreonestepawayfrombeingastalker #sorryforpostingtheaddress


  • Writer Nojima Shinji praised Yamapi and Masataka Kubota for their respective portrayal in the drama, “Flowers for Algernon”. Nojima said that Yamapi showed “purity” and gives “healing effect” in the drama.

I still haven’t seen this drama, but hearing the comment of the scriptwriter is either he’s genuinely impressed with Yamapi’s acting or he’s just promoting the drama that he wrote. Well, whatever it is, the ratings for the 3rd episode went UP sp Yamapi might be doing something good. #hesobviouslyimpressedwithMasatakaKubota

  • In Goo ranking, people were polled on which celebrity they were surprised to learn that he/she is from Osaka. Two JE made the poll and they are NEWS’s Shigeaki Kato (7) and Nakayama Yuma (9).

Ehhh….I have no idea! Yuma looks so Tokyo-ish, not that I know how determine who is from Tokyo and who is not. haha #whyisShigenotinKanjani8 #sorryIdidntknowthis

  • On another Goo ranking, people were polled on who they want to perform at Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Two JE groups made the list and that’s Arashi (3) and SMAP (7).

I’m sure they would choose a westerner or anyone with solid US career for this. #wellwecouldhope

Okay, that’s all for now! #StayHydrated #Thankyouforreading


6 thoughts on “Rants & Raves : #hashtag

  1. Takahata Mitsuki was the actress with kitayama hiromitsu in the musical of ikemen desu ne. I love her in mondai no aru restaurant.


  2. I watched algernon with not much expectations, but it turn out get better by the episodes. episode 1 and 2 are a bit slow and boring that i almost drop this.but then I really impressed with episode 3 and 4. the progress story is good. as expected of Nojima Shinji. Now i like this drama more. I thought Kubota would steal the show again but not, yamapi is also decent.
    Try watch this if you like Nojima works before,it will not dissapoint. at least for me lol though i didn’t like yamapi acting before i think he did better here.


  3. Takahata Mitsuki is actually Kame co-star in Vancouver no Asahi! While I’m not sure if they had scene together, she actually play Tsumabuki (aka Reggie) little sister.


  4. Takahata Mitsuki was in Vancouver no Asahi – she did an amazing job and was my favorite thing in the movie (after Kame of course lol). She also appeared in promo with Kame including on VS Arashi. She seems like a really sweet, humble, fun-loving person. I’m excited to see her in the play with Kame!


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