Nakayama Yuma Announces Two New Projects During Concert

Yehey for Yuma! This talented kid deserves it.

Nakayama Yuma made two special announcements during the first day of his solo concert at Tokyo Dome City Hall where he performed 22 songs including his latest single, YOLO moment. Johnny’s Jrs. showed their support with Yuma as well his senpai, SMAP‘s Katori Shingo, who sent him letters and whiskey.

Nakayama will star in a stage play this August in Japanese adaptation of Oscar Wilde‘s masterpiece, “The Picture of Dorian Gray“. Nakayama will play Dorian Gray, a man who remains young and handsome. In addition, Nakayama will star in Kushiki Rio‘s occult series “Haunted Campus” where he will play the role of a college freshman who can see ghosts. Haunted Campus is Yuma’s first movie. Nakayama commented that he’s inspired to be doing a stage play and movie and says that he will do his best even though he’s nervous.

Nakayama’s first solo concert tour will continue until May 9th in Osaka where he is expected to mobilized 15,000 audiences in 6 performances.

The Picture of Dorian Gray” will run from August to September at Tokyo New National Theater while “Haunted Campus” will hit the theaters in 2016.

via Daily Sports and Nikkan Sports


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