Arashi Leads Nikkei Talent Power Ranking 2015

After 3 years, Arashi is back on top of Nikkei’s annual Talent Power Ranking, a survey used to gauge a person’s popularity based from factors such as name recognition and public’s level of interest to the said individual/group. That individual/group could be an artist, musician, TV host, athlete, actor, celebrity etc.

Aside from familiar names who graced the yearly ranking, there’s also some huge leap and changes in standings.

Without further adieu, here is the result for Nikkei Entertainment Talent Power Ranking 2015


[Top 10 only]

2015 Ranking 2014 2013 Name
1 2 2 Arashi
2 10 14 Matsuko Deluxe
3 7 1 Ayase Haruka
4 180 Nishikori Kei
5 4 4 Abe Hiroshi
6 3 608 Hanyu Yuzuru
7 35 Tamori
8 20 15 Ohno Satoshi (Arashi)
9 8 8 Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
10 13 Ariyoshi Hiroiki

Arashi is already popular but their popularity became more established last year during their “BLAST in HAWAII” for the celebration of their 15th anniversary. This is also the first time that Riida got into the Top 10. Sakurai has been a regular in Top 10 since 2013 and I guess his popularity have rubbed-off to his “Abunai Yakai” co-host since it’s the first time that Ariyoshi entered the Top 10.

Other Johnny’s who made the ranking, are: TOKIO (12), Ninomiya Kazunari (13), Aiba Masaki (19), Nakai Masahiro (21), Matsumoto Jun (24), SMAP (25), and Kimura Takuya (73). Ouch, KimuTaku is soooo far even though last year’s “HERO 2” was deemed successful.

One thing I learned from Nikkei’s past ranking result is that exposure is the key. The more visible you are in any kinds of media would land you a spot in this ranking.

* (-) – I have no idea what was their ranking in 2013 since I’ve only been doing up to Top 10.

via Nikkei


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