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Nakai Masahiro Analyzes the Marriage Probability of SMAP Members

Marriage in Johnny’s is like hitting a lottery jackpot, there are lot of combinations and your chances of winning is less than 1%.

SMAP‘s Nakai Masahiro attended the launch event for “Coca-Cola Zero” and he was asked if there’s zero possibility that SMAP members would get married. Of course, with the exception of Kimura Takuya, the others are unmarried, in their 40s except for Shingo, and were not reported or rumored to be dating anyone.

As for Nakai’s reply to the question, he said the it’s impossible for Goro since he lives with a housemate. It’s also impossible for Tsuyoshi since he don’t know love, and as for Shingo, Nakai said he’s the most useless.

Frankly, I’m not seeing them getting married anytime, they could have if they want too. As for Goro, it became a hot topic that he’s cohabitating with a guy in his 50’s, and if Nakai knows about it, then I guess all is well.

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