Okada Junichi Stars in “Toshokan Senso” Drama SP with New Cast

Drama SPs before the movie is becoming a trend in Japanese TV and movie as “Toshokan Sensou” will be having a drama SP this fall after the movie’s scheduled run on Oct 10th.

The drama SP, “Toshokan Senso (Library Wars) BOOK OF MEMORIES“, will still star V6′s Okada Junichi as the demon captain Atsushi and Eikura Nana as his heroine. Joining them in the drama SP, are: Matsuzaka Tori as Fukushi Sota‘s equally handsome older brother, Tsuchiya Tao as Tanaka Kei‘s deaf childhood friend, and Nakamura Aoi as the curator who holds frequent meetings with Chiaki Kuriyama and will be the subject of Fukushi’s envy since he has feelings for Chiaki. Matsuzaka, Tsuchiya, and Nakamura are also in the movie, “Toshokan Senso THE LAST MISSION“.

“Toshokan Sensou” is based from Hiro Arikawa‘s bestselling novel that sold 2.8 million copies. It tells the story of a self-defense organization (Library Defense Force) that protects books from overdone censorship of the special forces. The story is set in fictitious near future of Japan. It also draws the romantic comedy story between a demon instructor (Okada) and a newcomer female member (Eikura).


Okada and Matsuzaka have worked before and even played as a father-and-son in last year’s taigaGunshi Kanbee“. As always, Matsuzaka will be playing a smug character and here I am wishing to see him in the defense force’s uniform. Anyway, what I’m really waiting for is a much-needed romantic development between Dojou (Okada) and Iku (Eikura). I want to see Dojou jealous over Iku and the confrontation scene above is a must-see aside from the other OTPs.

Speaking of OTPs, the drama SP will be about Mikihisa (Tanaka) and Marie (Tsuchiya) where Mikihisa got arrested for recommending a book to Marie that the censorship party deemed improper for those with disabilities. This puts the members of Library Defense Force into action for Mikihisa’s unjust arrest.

“Toshokan Sensou BOOK OF MEMORIES” will air this fall and “Toshokan Sensou THE LAST MISSION” will hit the theaters on Oct 10th. For the movie’s latest trailer, click HERE.

via jnews1 and Sanspo


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