Yamapi Returns as the Genius Psychologist in “Sekai Gyoten News” Drama SP

Yamapi is not yet done playing mentally challenging roles, after his stint as the mental-retarted Sakuto in “Flowers for Algernon“, Yamapi will be back this summer as the genius psychologist Narumi Saku. LOL, two different characters with almost the same names.

Last year, Yamapi starred in “Sekai Gyoten News” drama SP titled “Naze Shojo wa Yukai Sa Renakereba Naranakatta no Ka?“. He plays the role of the genius psychologist who is tasked to counsel a kidnap victim who was believed to have lost her memories and her ability to speak. For this summer, Narumi-sensei will be back to deal with bizarre incidents and a psychopath in “Kokoro no kagaku sha,  Narumi Saku no challenge II (provisional title). 

Joining Yamapi in the drama is his kouhai, Kis-My-Ft2‘s Nikaido Takashi, Yamamoto Mizuki, and Tanaka Kei.

Sekai Gyoten News Special will air this July and the drama SP will be part of their 4-hr special.

I wonder who will play the psychopath? I watched last year’s SP and even made a review it. It wasn’t a total bore, the kidnapped girl is cute and sweet, but it wasn’t suspenseful enough. So I’m hoping that Narumi’s mind battle with the psychopath will be worth it.

via jnews1

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