Kinpuri : A New Johnny’s Junior Unit

An introduction to the newest unit in Johnny’s Junior consists of mostly old faces that you’ve seen from other groups.

The new group is called “Mr. King VS Mr. Prince” or KinpuriThe group’s name doesn’t leave to be desired and has cringe-worthy level but hey, its Johnny’s, what do you expect? Moreover, Johnny’s President, Johnny Kitagawa, decided to consider the group’s nickname  to Kinpuri in mere 15 seconds.

Anyway, the six-member  group will be on TV Asahi event as cheering supporters and will be responsible for the theme song of TV Asahi’s Roppongi Hills Summer Festival SUMMER STATION.

The members of Kinpuri are divided in two units, King and Prince, and they are:

[Mr. King]

  • Hirano Sho 

Sho was part of KinKan aka King of Kansai and was last seen in band drama “SHARK” as the full of himself vocalist.

  • Nagase Ren

Ren was part of Naniwa Oji and he was last seen in “Nobunaga no Chef”. I seriously can’t recall his character.

  • Takahashi Kaito

Kaito was part of Sexy Zone’s sub-unit, Sexy Boyz.

[Mr. Prince]

  • Iwahashi Genki

Like Kaito, Genki was also part of Sexy Boyz. He was part of “Kasuka no Kanojo” and was last seen in “SHARK~2nd season~”.

  • Jinguji Yuta

Another Sexy Boyz member, Yuta had starred in a string of dramas with his senpais from “Sprout”, “Kasuka no Kanojo”, “49”, and “SHARK~2nd Season~”.

  • Kishi Yuta

Probably the most familiar face for those who are not so familiar with the juniors. Yuta was part of Sexy Boyz and has been active in dramas since “Kamen Teacher”. However, his breakout performance would be in “Kinkyori Renai~Season Zero~” that pave way for him to get the leading role in “Oniichan, Gacha”.

I don’t know why Johnny’s decided to form another unit with these guys, I’m not really into Junior groups but to see Kishi Yuta away from Miyachika Kaito and Abe Aran looked sad. Oh well, let’s wait and see if this group would become a successful junior unit or just a temporary whim of Johnny-sama.


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