Kis-My-Ft2 Opens “KIS-MY-GALLERY” for a Limited Time

To celebrate Kis-My-Ft2‘s newest album, “KIS-MY-WORLD“, Avex opens a limited time “KIS-MY-GALLERY” at the posh neighborhood of Omotesando in Tokyo.

The said gallery will be open from June 23rd-29th and you won’t miss the building since the entire building has been wrapped with covers from KIS-MY-WORLD. The 1st floor of the building will feature exhibit and benefit goods that were pre-released before. There will also be a monitor that will feature a special video and the 2nd floor will be allocated for goods reservation. Judging from these description, the gallery is nothing but Johnny’s goods store disguise as a gallery.

KIS-MY-WORLD” will be released this July 1st.

via jnews1


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