Tanaka Koki aka KOKI to go to Brazil with INKT

Since I have “Former Johnny’s” category, I might as well post this.

Former KAT-TUN and now INKT frontman, KOKI, is set to make his dream of “overseas expansion” come true with a trip to Brazil. KOKI and his INKT bandmates will be gracing “Anime Friends 2015” at Campo de Marte in Brazil this July 11th. KOKI is happy to see his dream coming true and said that the gig in Brazil came in earlier than what he have expected.

In an interview with Oricon, KOKI was expecting for his band to go overseas by next year so the invitation from Brazil came as a surprise. KOKI also revealed that since there is more pressure in making their live performance a success, INKT has been practicing 10 times than before. Even though KOKI wanted to expand abroad, he also emphasized the importance of singing in his country. However, KOKI said that as long as there an audience who wants to hear him sing, then he would go there. Okay, KOKI, I want to hear you sing, go to Southeast Asia.

After Brazil, INKT will be doing a live house tour in seven locations in Japan in which KOKI referred to rock band and music as a never-ending journey where there is no correct answer in his line of work. Despite the hurdles, KOKI is always looking forward to something new.

This is such a positive interview for KOKI and his band. I’m happy that they are getting exposure despite some negative feedback about the band and their songs. Since they’ll be singing in an anime festival despite not having any anime songs, I hope that they’ll get notice so anime producers might ask for their services. All the best!

via Oricon


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