Kanjani8’s “Kyanjani” to Release a Single

It looks like Kanjani8‘s superhero alter-ego, Eito Rangers, will be eclipsed by another rising Kanjani8’s alter-ego, Kyanjani∞. Kyanjani∞ first appeared for a series of Candy Crush Soda CMs and now the boys girls are back for an all new single this summer.

(c)credits on pic

Wow, a single. Due to rave reviews of Kanjani8 cross-dressing as girls, fans have requested for Kyanjani∞ to release a song and they won’t be disappointed. Aptly titled, “CANDY MY LOVE“, the said single will be released this summer. In lieu of the summer theme, expect to see the girls in their swimsuits for the single’s jacket cover. Wooot! I don’t know if it is their body of their heads were just photoshopped on someone else’s body. Well, if it is their body then expect me to go to rigorous starvation starting tomorrow. Okura looks perfect and prettier than a real lady, Ryo looks like a tease, Maru looks awkward, and Subaru gives me a porn star vibe.

Release date for “CANDY MY LOVE” is yet to be announced so stay tune for more bikini shots.

via jnews1


5 thoughts on “Kanjani8’s “Kyanjani” to Release a Single

  1. I just went and checked the CM, just because… and wow, Okura and Ryo really look the part! LOL. That said, the news of them releasing a single in that form… is intriguing. So they’re going to sing in shemale voices? 😂


  2. That’s definitely not Maru’s body xD same goes to Subaru ( those boobs LMAO pretty accurate since he never misses a chance to express his love for oppai haha ) … so we can tell this is 100% photoshop ^^

    And yay for Canjani8/Kyanjani activites … is okay to request a Music Station appearance or even better , to include them on the next tour? XD


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