Yamada Ryosuke to Star in 24 Hr TV Drama Special

The main star for 24 Hr TV‘s annual sobfest has finally been revealed and it’s none other than Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Yamada Ryosuke. The choice for this year’s actor is expected though it could have been better if it’s the other member. Also, its disappointing that someone from V6 won’t be participating in the drama. Instead of V6’s Okada or Inocchi, NEWS‘s Masuda Takahisa will star as  Yamada’s older brother in this another cancer drama. Not a bad bargain but I still wished it was V6.


The drama is titled, “Okasan, Ore wa daijoubu (Mom, I’m Okay)”, where Yamada will play the role of Sasaki Ryohei*, a high school student and soccer club’s vice captain, who was diagnosed with acute brain tumor. The story will revolve around Sasaki’s struggle to play soccer while fighting the cancer. This is Yamada’s 3rd time to appear in a 24 Hr TV drama special but its his first time as the lead actor.

As stated earlier, Masuda will be Yamada’s older brother, Shimoda Shota as his younger brother, Akai Hidekazu as the father, and Yasuda Narumi as the mother.

Mom, I’m Okay” will air at NTV on Aug 22nd as part of 24 Hr TV~Love Saves the Earth~ yearly special.

via jnews1

*I’m not sure about the name. XD


4 thoughts on “Yamada Ryosuke to Star in 24 Hr TV Drama Special

  1. i saw this coming, its like the previous 2 times he was in this slot was training of sorts both for him and the audience, im not too familiar with v6 so it doesnt really bother me that nobody ftom them is in here although i hv a feeling the only reason they r hosting is because nobody can take 24hr tv seriously if its just hsj XD


    • haha…V6 isn’t that big nowadays but their members, Okada and Inohara, are pretty big in movies and broadcasting, respectively. Since V6 guys are pretty mature so they add HSJ just to balance it out. About 24 Hr TV, I was really rooting for Okada to be in it since he hasn’t been doing dramas lately since he got big in movies.


    • I guess as mikuchin said they want to balance things out, I mean the age range of V6 audience is probably older, so in order to attract younger generations to the whole 24hr thing is to add HSJ.


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