Ohno Satoshi Designs for “JAL Fly to 2020” Campaign

Seeing Arashi’s faces in the body of Japan Airlines airplanes is nothing new but this time, Arashi’s leader make it more special by displaying his knack for arts. Arashi‘s Ohno Satoshi displays his amazing art talent again for Japan AirlinesJAL Fly to 2020” campaign. Ohno’s latest masterpiece is used as JAL’s special coating in their own Boeing 777-300 airline that also featured the members of Arashi.

Arashi is present during the unveiling at Haneda Airport hangar that was also attended by JAL’s President as well as the organizing committee chairman of Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Foundation.


In Ohno’s design, he uses a myriad of flowers, Mount Fuji, and Japan’s four seasons to symbolize hope for the future. Of course, he also put on a rainbow using Arashi’s colors. The special plane will only be used for JAL’s domestic route.

I really hope that they would use this plane for international routes because that will certainly increase their passengers. haha. My first reaction upon seeing the “rainbow” is entirely different since even my WordPress dashboard has colors of a rainbow to celebrate the Supreme Court ruling in the US about same-sex marriage. But after reading the news that it symbolizes the colors of Arashi, I was like, okay, it’s an entirely different rainbow.

Rainbows and flowers aside, just merely seeing Arashi up in the sky will surely make someone happy.

via jnews1


3 thoughts on “Ohno Satoshi Designs for “JAL Fly to 2020” Campaign

  1. “My first reaction upon seeing the “rainbow” is entirely different…”

    While i saw/knew of this JAL’s five-colored-rainbow design before the other rainbow, now every time i see it, i can’t help but think what a coincidence… lol.


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