J&A Claws have reached Tumblr

A post to all Johnny’s-related tumblr users, myself included.

I’ve read posts about tumblr blogs being given an email warning by tumblr due to “copyright infringement” from using and posting copyright photos, videos, jwebs, magazine scans, etc of talents from Johnny’s & Associates (Johnny’s Entertainment). Emails aside, some blogs notice that some of their posts were deleted due to infringement issues.

I know that copyright issues is a big deal in Japan and now international fans are also in the danger of losing their treasured scans, videos, etc due to this issue. Some says that someone might have directly reported to J&A that there are lot of violators in tumblr since it’s quite unlikely that those in the agency have too much free time to check on tumblr blogs. Also, FC members are also responsible in reporting violators of Johnny’s law, not just with scans and posts, but also those who sell their balloted  tickets.

Nevertheless, international fans should be wary of posting anything that might be consider a “copyright infringement”. Un-tagging a post is a sure way that it won’t be seen in search results so for those who are not yet following a certain Johnny’s-centered blog, follow them now, follow every blog that represents each group or member before they either stop blogging, have their blog taken down, or before they make their posts private, which completely defeat the purpose of blogging.

Anyway, while I don’t post scans on tumblr, I post most of their copyrighted pictures here and I also post screencaps of most Johnny’s dramas on tumblr. I haven’t received any take down notice from DMCA but I might do so (delete the pictures) if I can no longer protect my posts.

I’m not gonna say to stop posting this and that, it’s already hard for international fans to have access to most Johnny’s happenings since it’s so exclusive. For now, we just need to be very careful.


14 thoughts on “J&A Claws have reached Tumblr

  1. This is how Johnny’s deny international fanbase to their artists how much ever they are capable of international exposure. Also though the Jimosho earns a lot,their artists are paid peanuts. I feel sorry for the artists under them.


  2. I do have blog but every Johnny’s post that I post I try to write the source of the information and the pictures and I usually say ” I don’t own anything” and I ask my followers not to edit it. To prevent plagiarism. I guess if bloggers will do the same then I think it is valid.


    • You’re on the right track since crediting the source should always be done. As for using images, most of it are copyrighted and should not really be used. However, since we all want to put visuals in our post, aside from crediting the source, we should delete it if our attention is called. XD


  3. I don’t get why Johnny doesn’t let his boys have some international exposure. Isn’t the goal of forming Arashi to “create a storm throughout the world?” How is that possible when you can’t really see anything JE related outside of Japan?! Next we won’t even be able to buy their music or DVDs! They need someone new and fresh to run Johnny’s, like Tackey. He seems very bright and creative.


  4. Oh talking about copyright, like few weeks (or days) ago I went to ‘janishowa.wordpress.com’ but unfortunately i can’t access because it said something about this blog has copyright issue but after a few days i try and try finally it back to normal. I am so curious on why the blog in certain days cannot be access because of copyright? I wonder what kind of copyright because that blog usually update about Johnny’s upcoming album and juniors profiles. Is it because of the pictures? So i guess you also need to be careful on it. Jnewseng and Janishowa is like my english source of Johnny’s 😦


    • I think you can’t access the site not because of copyright issues but probably she’s doing some fixes. Either way, DMCA has the power to remove your blog/site from search engines if you continue to ignore their warning.


  5. If there was a way, we should send johnnys a message about everything. How we feel, how many fans they have internationally, etc.


    • I know copyright is a big deal. But they want their groups to be known right? Even if the company is…just…idk
      I’m sure a lot of the artists would want something like YouTube, Twitter, spending time with their international fanbases, and increasing their popularity. And who knows, if it causes enough commotion, maybe they’ll agree. We should get every JE LiveJournal community, Facebook community, YouTube account, fans, etc to help.


    • This copyright issue is as simple as saying that JE doesn’t want to branch overseas and if they do, it’ll be within their control. The management is earning lots of money from the exclusivity of their artist exposure due to copyrights issue and they want to keep it that way


    • Johnny’s really take copyright as serious issues. And we need like a lot of supporters to make official letter whatsoever to them. Or else they won’t bother. I always think that why not they make official twitter, facebook and youtube to promote their talents. Like staff updating about the talents news and upcoming projects, etc. of course they won’t allow the talents to own personal account but at least the representative. Beside the talents already have personal Jweb so we only need to subscribe.

      And Youtube to upload at least teaser or short version of PV?

      Just give us a little bit of preview is okay to international fans at least we reach them. But of course we need to supports them any ways legal.


    • They don’t have official SNS account because they already have Jweb. Also, pictures posted on Facebook can be saved/downloaded/screenshot by anyone. As for PV previews, if they ever open a Youtube channel, it might be exclusive for Japanese IP addresses only.


  6. one of the reasons why jpop, particularly johnny’s, wasn’t able to break globally is because of this strict rules. shame when they have so much potential

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  7. I heard about this and it seems like the material targeted by those DMCAs were the fanclub and other exclusive videos that Johnny’s makes themselves. Which makes sense as it would be the magazine publishers that would be going after the scans, TV studios after the videos of their programs, etc…

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