Nakai Masahiro Underwent Surgical Removal of Throat Tumor

SMAP‘s Nakai Masahiro revealed in his radio program, “Some girl` SMAP”, that he underwent a surgical removal of a benign tumor in his throat earlier this month. He also shared that he experienced some discomfort a year and a half ago and he only went for diagnosis last May.

Noting that Nakai’s dad died of laryngeal cancer last February, there’s a higher risk for Nakai to develop the deadly disease because it’s in his genes. Nevertheless, Nakai made light of his postoperative days where he spent 5-6 days eating all he want, reading, and watching movies in the hospital. He even added that it was the most fun part of his life, probably because all the nurses are pretty. XD

Anyway, Nakai is a real pro and after his recovery period, he went on hosting “Ongaku no Hi 2015” and his voice remain as usual.

Here’s hoping and praying that Nakai would never have the Big C!

via Nikkan Sports


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