SixTONES and Kansai Jrs Takes on Leading Roles in “Shounentachi”

Aside from DREAM BOYS this September, another stage play will be set that will star two groups from Johnny’s Juniors.

Titled as “Shounentachi“, the musical is a Johnny’s original and even starred SMAP back in 1993. This year, the play will be called “Shōnentachi sekai no yume ga... seno shira nai kodomo tachi” and will star Johnny’s Junior group SixTONES (Jesse, Matsumura Hokuto, Kyomoto Taiga, Tanaka Juri, Morimoto Shintaro, and Kouchi Yugo) and Kansai Juniors (Nishihata Daigo, Mukai Koji, and Muro Ryuta. Other members from Johnny’s Juniors will also lend them a hand.


Since I don’t follow most junior groups, I’m surprise about SixTONES. Based from what I read in janishowa, the group is fairly new, they were formed last May 2015 and most of the members came from the now defunct “Bakaleya Six”. SixTONES is definitely a better name than “Kinpuri”, kudos to whoever thought of the group’s name and this group joins the long line of other Johnny’s Juniors hoping to debut.

Shounentachi” will run in Nissay Theater from Sept 4th-28th.

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4 thoughts on “SixTONES and Kansai Jrs Takes on Leading Roles in “Shounentachi”

  1. Oh actually about that name, the members itself especially Kyomoto Taiga who came up with that name ^^ during their Bakaleya years, they dream to name a group that contain number “Six” because simply they are six together. Now their dream already came true 😉

    They’ve been together unofficially since 3 years ago. They are one of popular juniors that people eagerly want them to debut as a group. Thanks to their drama “Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou” that brought these six boys together.

    Recent juniors polls showed that SixTONES is really popular. Among the “favourite junior’s unit group” list, SixTONES is the only unofficial group that top the 3rd spot under the name “Bakaleya Gumi” during that time (early this year). Few months later, it was announced that they are finally an official unit under name SixTONES. And they’re trending numerous times in Twitter Japan prior to the announcement. I feel so proud of these boys!

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  2. Yay! Six Tones is now gaining popularity in the Johnny’s fandom. If they have a leading roles in the Dream Boys production, I hope; as their fan, that they debut soon. 😀


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