Rants & Raves : Renewed

It’s July, half a year has passed-by and jnewseng.com is two years old! I was having doubts whether I should renew the jnewseng.com or just stick with jnewseng.wordpress.com. After all, the latter is free. However, I got scared that all my posts under .com will be for nothing if I revert back to .wordpress.com since it’s highly likely that they will not redirected, so, okay, another $18.00 charged to my credit card.

Anyway, in lieu with my 2nd anniversary, here are some things that are worth raving or ranting.

  • Kimura Takuya to Appear in “BUSAIKU?!”

For sure, Kimura will not be voted last. In fact, he doesn’t have to say anything or be and act COOL for that matter since women will automatically cling to him. Kisumai should take notes and learn a thing or two from him.


100 stores with Arashians flocking the venue will surely give the prefecture enough money for their residents to go by. This is a really nice gesture from Arashi and I hope that those who will open stores won’t be ask for rental fees so they can take home all the goodies. 9.3 billion Yen is the estimated revenue that the prefecture can get in these four days affair. Who knows, you might see Sho or Matsujun buying some of the goods, in disguise of course.

(c)umast0113 The photo used here is for his “Dorian Gray” stage play
  • Nakayama Yuma reveals PV for his single, “Tokoton Got it!”

What is with Yuma and those random English words in his song? Is this part of his English lessons? Anyway, Yuma shared that one scene he enjoyed while shooting the PV is playing football with a local football club. Oh and about the photo above, unfortunately, the six-pack is just airbrushed since I’ve seen the “before” photos.

  • Mr. King VS. Mr. Prince aka Kinpuri debuted a song, “Summer Station”, during Mazda All-Star Game 2015 at Tokyo Dome

Congrats to them that they get to performed at Tokyo Dome as a new group. Will an official debut automatically follow? Hmmm….I think that JE is just testing waters, see who will be more profitable for the company, whether it’s Kinpuri or SixTONES. Name-wise, I prefer the latter.

  • One of the most talented actors, Yamamoto Yusuke, revealed that he wanted to enter Johnny’s during his elementary days. The reason? It’s the Takizawa Hideaki effect. 

I once read Kanjani8’s Shibutani Subaru’s 10,000 words interview from MYOJO where he revealed that his mom sort-of pushed him to apply to Johnny’s because his mom likes Takki. Takki is surely popular during his junior days that even Yamamoto Yusuke is longing to be in JE just by seeing Takki. Anyway, Yusuke’s talents might be eclipsed by other Johnny’s favorites so it’s a good riddance that he never entered or tried to enter the agency.

That’s all for now, thank you for all the support and hopefully, I’m still blogging two years later.


3 thoughts on “Rants & Raves : Renewed

  1. thank u for updating for all of our benefit. i really enjoy reading je news from ur blog and hope u can continue for a longgggg longgg time! ❤

    thank u for all the hard work in translating!

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