Nagase Tomoya Surprise to See Kamiki Ryunosuke’s Growth

If TOKIO’s Nagase Tomoya is surprise to see how much Kamiki have grown then I’m surprise on how he stayed so hot. Phew…

As reported earlier, TOKIO‘s Nagase Tomoya will star in Kudo Kankuro‘s movie, titled: TOO YOUNG TO DIE! Wakakushite Shinu (Juvenile Grave)”. The said movie also stars one of the most talented actors of his generation, Kamiki Ryunosuke, as a  high school student who died in an accident before he could make a love confession to a classmate. Kamiki will go to hell where he will meet Killer K (Nagase), a guitarist and vocalist of Jigoku-zu and adviser of Music Club from Hell’s Agricultural High School. Killer K will help Daisuke to be reborn using a special demon training so Daisuke can claim his unrequited love.


During the movie’s press conference, Nagase is surprise to see how Kamiki have grown to a strong young man, 15 years after they first acted together. Kamiki was still in elementary while Nagase was 22 years old, the same age as Kamiki now. Nagase joked that if they will go through the same flow and act together after 15 years, he will be 51 years old next and after that, Nagase will be too damn old to even act. I can hear marriage bells calling you, Tomoya!


Anyway, aside from talking about their obvious age differences, Nagase’s make-up was also talked about. Nagase’s red make-up takes up to one and a half hour to finished, not to mention his Killer K outfit that weighs 10 kg in total. Other than that, the rest of the costume will be a surprise. Despite his heavy costume, Nagase loves his role. It’s been seven years since he has done a movie and he shared that even though his new movie might not be legendary, he knows that it will worth something.

Joining the rest of the gorgeous cast is equally oozing with sex appeal, Kiritani Kenta, as Jigoku-zu drummer, actress Ono Machiko as Nagase’s love interest, Morikawa Aoi as the classmate that Kamiki want to confessed at, Arata Furuta as Hell’s Agricultural High School principal, and many more.

TOO YOUNG TO DIE! Wakakushite Shinu” is set to hit the theaters next year.

via Oricon


3 thoughts on “Nagase Tomoya Surprise to See Kamiki Ryunosuke’s Growth

  1. Really looking forward to February 2016! Although in this movie we can’t see Tomoya’s beautiful face, I still can’t wait to see this movie lol. Tomoya x KudoKan collab must be a masterpiece!

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