Bits & Pieces 020

It’s my 20th Bits & Pieces, a blog post that I started out of laziness to translate everything. Oh well, here are some news and not-so-news that I’m too lazy to translate or were too short. Involved parties, are: Yamada Ryosuke, Tegoshi Yuya, Inagaki Goro, Nakayama Yuma, KOKI, and Machida Shingo.

  • Shimizu Fumika will play as Yamada Ryosuke‘s heroine for his upcoming 24 Hr TV special drama, “Okasan, Ore wa daijoubu. Okay, she’s not really the heroine but she will play as Sasaki’s (Yamada) classmate who has a crush on him and as expected, it will be an unrequited love.
  • NEWS‘s Tegoshi Yuya mentioned in his radio program that he wants to go back to Sweden for TegoMass’s 10th anniversary. Together with Masuda Takahisa, the duo will be celebrating their 10th anniversary next year and going to Sweden is Tegoshi’s wish. Tegomass, who debuted in 2006, released their first single “Miso Soup” at the said country and even made a promotional tour. I’m sure that Tegoshi and Massu have fond memories of Sweden and I’m sure the Swedish fans won’t also forget Miso Soup’s jacket cover.

  • AKB girls have been a favorite guest in SMAP‘s variety shows and now, Inagaki Goro and former AKB center, Oshima Yuko, will be starring in a stage play titled “No. 9 Fumetsu no Sinretsu“. Goro will star as Beethoven in the said musical. In the picture above, Goro is already 41 and it’s either he really looks that young or it took a large amount of Photoshop to make him look like he just debuted.

  • In another musical, Nakayama Yuma attended the production announcement for his first solo stage play “The Picture of Dorian Gray“. Yuma will play as the always youthful Dorian Gray and for his first solo stage play, Nakayama had 50 t-shirts made with picture of Dorian Gray at his own expense. Now that is generous.

  • In the world of “Former Johnny’s”, KOKI, who have gotten another imechen, got the taste of his first overseas live performance with his band INKT at Brazil.
(c)machida shingo
  • Another “Former Johnny’s”, Machida Shingo of Johnny’s Jr unit, MAD, opened a twitter account after resigning from Johnny’s and he’s also an aspiring designer. The close friend of Arashi‘s Ohno Satoshi and one-half of the “Omachi Combi” seems to be one of the designers behind the accessory brand called “LOL“. It’s cool that not only Ohno and Machida are BFF but they are also both artists. Not sure if this is his official IG page for LOL but do check it out, here. Who the heck is Cindy?

That’s all for now, I won’t be blogging this coming weekend since  I’m going on a vacay! To give you a clue where I’ll be going and because I want to brag…


5 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces 020

  1. Yeah, Yuto is totally owning it in that section… but Yamada, Chinen… and even Arioka are like destined to be doing high school roles for the next few years. It’s a shame that their heights aren’t deemed ikemen-enough like Yuto’s already impressive height and slender build reminiscent of Amuse’s talento Masahiro Fukuyama and Haruma Miura. And for some reason, none of the three -Yuto, Ryosuke and Yuri – have been cast side by side with Umika or even Mirai so far. And to think they were classmates in high school! All the girls that have been paired with them are both younger than them and freakishly look like their equal in age.

    Well, I hope they get more TV and film projects and some much needed exposure as individuals besides being part of HSJ.


  2. Thank you for continuing to translate and blog about JE stuff despite the increasing tendency to outgrow fandoms and trends these days.

    I am flabbergasted at the choice of Shimizu Fumika-san because I thought I read “Kawashima Umika” for a reason. If I’m not mistaken, both actresses belong to the same agency. Yes, I am being silly and overly wishful about my faves in the fandom. If they are indeed shaping up Yamada as the next big Johnny’s ikemen under 30 then JE management should start lining up rom-com or even purely romantic projects in the next few months – not years. “Grasshopper” is a big step in that direction even without a romantic foil in that film. His talents are wasted and have become under-utilized – when’s the next song where he gets to play the sax again going to be released. It’s not Yamada that I’m also pushing this for… Sexy Zone’s Marius Yo has great potential too and his multilingual skills are wasted as an idol who doesn’t get much exposure these days because he ends up back-dancing for a junior version of Kisumai.

    Well, I’ve ranted and vented for as much as I can. I hope there are better projects for all under-utilized Johnny’s talents next year.

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    • thank you Odebu-chan for sharing your insight. I’m Nakajima Yuto biased so Yamada can have all the action movies but leave the “leading man” type to Yuto since he has the total package. haha. Just look at Yuto in “Date”, he can surely do romance/rom-com.

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