Eighters Fires at Model Kawabata Arisa

In Johnny’s land, there’s an existing fan etiquette that everyone should follow including celebrities. Back in 2013, Kosuke Kitajima became friendly with Arashi‘s Sakurai Sho, who then invited him to see Arashi’s AraFes. Unfortunately, Kosuke receives some bashing from Arashians after he posted a tweet that he is watching Arafes. Some Arashians, who didn’t manage to get those precious balloted tickets, bashed him for being insensitive to the feelings of those who didn’t get in.

(c)girls channel

Since no one is exempted from fans wrath on proper manners, reader model of JJ magazine got to experience wrath from Eighters. Model Kawabata Arisa attended KANJANI8‘s Recital “Omae no heart wo tsukandaru!” last July 18th and on July 19th, she posted pictures of her and her friend inside the venue. Everyone knows that fancams is strictly prohibited inside the venue, she’s lucky that she didn’t get caught.

Anyway, what irks fans the most are Kawabata’s posts, like how she’s only 6 rows away from the stage so she can see them closer, how she likes Nishikido Ryo a lot and seeing him closer is too cool and different. I think that the Nishikido comments is what irked most fans. haha. Some Eighters bashed her for her lack of manners, for being proud that she’d seen the guys closer, and for even wearing stilletos since it’ll be an inconvenience to audience behind her. Ugh, when fans bashed, they bashed all the way. Gahd, how many times she must stick her tongue out? XD

Oh well, Kawabata have longed deleted those pictures from her blog so next time, be considerate.

via Daily News Online


3 thoughts on “Eighters Fires at Model Kawabata Arisa

  1. Yup, the girl wasn’t very considerate of the tons of fans who balloted and got nuthin … but at the same time some eighters overreacted . yeah i know she did something prohibited ( the pics of the stage and bla bla ) but this model was basically fangirling, fangirling just like many of the fans who post pics like hers on Instagram everyday .


  2. my opinion is actually like balanced.ok,so first,i’ve been stanning nishikido for 6 now and counting.
    as a fan,this girl model didn’t follow the rule of not taking pictures inside the con venue.she can be considered as a public figure (maybe?)since she is a model. and by posting the pic on her blog it’s like she is showing off her lack of etiquette. she couldve just posted the pic of ryo’s uchiwa as a fan. on the other hand,for failed ticket ballots,it completely normal,so they don’t have to bash someone who got a little lucky having a ticket.i hope our fellow eighter can open their minds abt this.when it comes to balloting,sometimes we’re lucky,sometimes we’re not so i hope we can all move on


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