Kimura Takuya’s One Million Breakthrough for “HERO”

All those promotions from trains to Universal Studios Japan must have helped a lot as “HERO” movie starring SMAP‘s Kimura Takuya managed to mobilized 1 million audience in five days. The said movie hit the theaters last July 18th. So far, “HERO” is the fastest movie to reach one million audience for 2015.

Well, aside from loads of movie tie-up, HERO movie also highlights the return of Matsu Takako, more popularly known as Amemiya, who played Kimura’s heroine in HERO’s first season back in 2001. In the latest installment, young actress Kitagawa Keiko plays the feisty assistant to Kuryuu (Kimura).

From July 18th to 22nd, “HERO” was shown 443 theaters and has mobilized 1,026,290 audience and box office receipts have totaled to 1.3 billion Yen.

via Yahoo!Japan


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